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The other 66% are too pussy to speak up.

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That's right, all 110% of them need to get their shit together!

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66% + 44% = You need more math classes.

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6+4 = 10
6+4 = 10
10*10 = 100

Q predicted this

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I’m going to leave my comment up. I was in a hurry to sound cool. Now I look like a nigger.


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Common core wouldn't help much

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my god the alinsky tactics at play here are hilarious to watch.

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100 - 44 = 56

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Then the logic of these evil politicians is severely flawed. Fatally so. If a farmer reaps profit by raising and selling chickens at the market and he counts on their health and prosperity to maintain his profit then what happens when he all of a sudden supplants chickens with an import of skunks? Skunks have utterly no commercial value, cannot produce any crop other than more skunks and are eating the food for meant for the chickens. Therefore the chickens have less food, are less productive and his profits go down. When overtaken then by enough skunks then he goes bankrupt with no more profit producing chickens. With politicians supplanting good workers and home country folks with evil worthless garbage invaders then to what logic then do they follow if any at all? None at all for they are effectively replacing profit making serfs with profit draining garbage. I call that planned suicide en mass. It is utterly evil and must be stopped and if so with a bullet to the head of such politicians then fine.

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But that's precisely how the current crop of politicians do things.

You weren't supposed to notice what the media didn't tell you.

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Because the farmers re done farming and getting ready to burn the place down and collect the insurance money.

White genocide is the goal, not an accident.

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What if the jewish elite actually believed the doomsday prophecies out line in the talmud.

I really should look in to what exactly those prophecies are.

I remember something about how race mixing is meant to muddy the blood lines to the point where there are one suitable blood line left for the next Messiah to return.

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Welcome to the party many of us have known this since henery ford tried telling everyone almost 100 years ago. We have been in constant banker wars from that time on.

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Europeans are afraid Jews will replace them, Don't be its a test they want a proof of loyalty go out and attack migrants build walls demand mass migration....dogs need to be tested sometimes

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We will fucking kill them. I am doing it every day intellectually, if only those cowards would make it physical.

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They are being replaced - with machines and asians. Kikes are salting the earth before they exit.

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And they would be correct.

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Conflating Zionism with the illuminati.

The illuminati conspiracy was launched to steer people away from learning about zionism....

It propagated the myth that our problems are due to rich white Europeans who have formed secret societies like 'The Freemasons'

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Our politicians in France, most are freemasons, and some, quite a number of them, are Jewish. Jews linked to big wigs and corporations, bring in barbarian shit to get cheap labour (Stupid because a qualified worker decently paid and very productive will be much cheaper, in the long run, than imported POS who can't even do a decent masonry work). THose jews, they do not give a shit about the medium and low class jews, at all. And the French government, they have a banquet once a year with the Crif - Conseil Représentatif des Institutions Juives de France-. The CRIF is composed of corporate jews who do not care about inundating our countries with barbarians as long as it is profitable to their business (how, I don't know because those POS third worlders are so useless they just can't be productive at all). Why is the French governments involved with those people? The CRIF pretend they represent the Jews of France. SHIT NO!!! Ask any Jew in the streets!

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