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If you had even a shred of doubt who runs the US government, entirely.

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She'll be in a yarmulke licking wall by St. Patrick's day at this rate.

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This is a classic case of conditioning. ((They)) show how someone who is Powerful say something anti-jew, then immediately apologize. This is what ((they))expect and demand. Pattern set.

Also a Limited Hangout. When it doesn't matter to an election, etc., they will put the bad message out there themselves, to take away the impact of better timed release of same message from opponent.

2-tricks-in 1 !

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The better trick is to set up a pansy that is universally reviled by the public. Make this guy like Martin Shkreli level hated. Then have that guy say all the bad things about you and it's all instantly discredited as asshole conspiracy theories.

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shitsrael... the current home of the dirty-gypsy-jew!

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shitsrael... the current home of the dirty-gypsy-jew!

SHIVA, is that you?

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i am a Borat

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The Six-Hour War.

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what in the fuck are these politicians doing behind closed doors that makes them so easily pushed around by (((them)))?

I can't imagine anything from my past that would hinder me from speaking my mind with the threat of it being exposed.

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It's not the past they're concerned about. It's their future.

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Since they're politicians the only thing they care about is their image. Kikes will threaten them with their army of internet shills. Miraculous change of heart in 3,2,1!

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I'm assuming threats.

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That doesn't cut it for me though. Threaten my kids? All hell is going to come down on you in the most outspoken and unhidable manner.

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Well half are satanic, baby-eating pedophiles. And if you aren't, they'll make everyone believe you are, after your wife/mom/kids die of a rare disease or heart attack.

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"To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize" - Voltaire

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“Ha those damn kids with cancer” - Paul • sent from my blackberry mini

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What a jackass. The NRA lobbies on behalf of AMERICANS and is completely acceptable. AIPAC speaks for ISRAELI JEWS and totally deserves to be vilified.

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I don't see the kike problem ever going away. I think it's time to start considering our options.

Her apology was a "sorry, not sorry", but it's not enough. People need to put an end to kike influence in our government and society in general. Your jew neighbor isn't the problem, it's the zionist scumbags and central bankers that need to be purged. Will we ever get out shit together enough to make it happen in our lifetime? Unlikely. It would require Americans all working together, which simply will not happen.

Anyone have a compound in the mountains and needs some hands on deck? Might be a good time to start a legit militia and get some training in. If we can't talk about the problem, then what's the alternative? These subhumans aren't just going to grow a conscience and stop their subversion...

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Your jew neighbor isn't the problem

My jew neighbor is an appellate court judge.

Anyone have a compound in the mountains and needs some hands on deck?

Jew is just going to Ruby Ridge you.

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Jew is just going to Ruby Ridge you.

not if you nightstalker him first

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I'm not talking about making a big show of it, but getting way off the grid and living away from these rats and their filth. Should they come to do something about it, then we fight. Shit like Ruby Ridge and even Waco won't happen as they did when there's still a way to get the truth out -albeit a small chance, but it's better than sitting here waiting for the problem to be resolved through legal channels.

With each passing day I sense more and more that things will not go as Trump and team would like. I'm not going to say Q is a LARP, but as of now, I don't foresee much changing on any profound level. The programmed NPCs are just too many and will never change no matter what facts you shove right in their face. They just triple down on the insanity.

The only consolation is knowing they'll all swing from ropes or starve to death once they get their communist utopia. I hope I live long enough to see it, but it's unlikely.

Personally, I think "cyber terrorism" is likely one of the few tools we can use to shift the tides a little. Cut off their sources of communication and silence their echo chambers, but I also have my doubts about the effectiveness of that as well. Totally open to suggestions here.

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Militia yes. Don't call it a militia. Adopt successful tactics and make them work for you.

Call it something else. Call everything you're doing something else. Start a political party and call it what it isn't.

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You don't even have to be a murdering goat fucking pedophile like Mohammed, Falun Gong for example was started by some chink dipshit.

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The Jew problem only goes away when normal, average, every day people openly start killing Jews in public, in broad daylight, and/or support anyone else who does.

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Do you really think her own dune coon constituents funded her campaign? We all know who (((funds))) her.

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Then they are using her for victim playing covered by the media they control.

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What about CAIR you stupid bitch?

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