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oy vey this is the SAME KIND OF TALK they did with "WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION" in Iraq before the israel and the jewish agents in the American gov genocided Iraq. haha

There is going to be a major false flag attack IT WAS IRAN!! OY VEEEY!!! Then the goy children will be sent to their doom in Iran. Its all for greater israel, goytards, so its totally worth it!! shaloms and praise be israel

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Patrick Little 2020.

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The ZOG overthrew the Shah.

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Oh what a fucking joke, like anybody in washington gives a fuck about the plight of people in Iran! It's all about the petro dollar and the currency in which oil transactions are made people!

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The Rothschilds reminded Trump they rescued his broke ass from his Atlantic City misadventures.

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Wilbur does that every day while hits ivanka from the back

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Trust the plan, goy!

Don't you know that Trump needs to spend American tax dollars and lives to make war in Iran, a country that is literally no threat to us? No, stop bringing up the fact that Saudi terrorists and the Israeli military have done much worse to us; this is about saving the poor people of Iran!

The fact that Iran is Israel's biggest competition for dominance in the region, and D.C. is flooded with pro-Israeli lobbying money, has nothing to do with this you anti-Semite!

We just need to bring peace and freedom to the Iranian people, just like we did with the people of Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria.

Now please listen while we find a pretty celebrity who has no political experience, and fucked old men for fame, lecture you about your morals if you don't support the Jewish empire.

WWG1WGA, Patriots!

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Iran has enough conventional firepower to exterminate the Saudis and make Israel loose many meters of elevation . They do not have to win a war , just to cause enough damage for the American public to start revolting and Lebanese war orgs to dominate Israeli north . When Iraq/Afghanistan were such fucking disasters Iran is an impossibility .

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Not to mention Russia and China would get involved with anyone who dares to attack Iran. Make no mistake.

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That's why I believe there is more than meets the eye here.

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Fellow black semites, let us destroy those white semites

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https://www.oxfordchabad.org/templates/articlecco_cdo/aid/640796/jewish/Chief-Rabbi-of-Russia-Berel-Lazar.htm You might enjoy digging into this/him and Putin. Shalom! Russia won't do anything but watch. The Belt and Road will come in after to rebuild. Smart Cities under the new One World System and Israel's Covenant of Democratic Nations and their Noahide Laws. If you want meet explain pm me.

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Fellow browns, America will never hold a candle to the might of Iran. Death to white infidels

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Iran is not a threat to Israel. But it can defend itself.

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Did Iran have a World Bank or did they manage to side-step all the Israeli banking schemes?

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