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Lets pass the same law for jewish symbols

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That's right. It reminds everyone of the Nazis. And we don't want to be reminded of the Nazis, do we?

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Yeah, Jewish symbols recalls me of their hatred and their many genocides of Christians in Europe...They are oppressing me and my conscience. So ban the communists symbols friends.

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Ban from display inside private buildings? What the fuck?

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It's virtue-signalling BS. The whole idea is ridiculously unconstitutional, unenforceable, and even the most boneheaded legislator should know that.

[–] tendiesonfloor [S] 3 points 15 points (+18|-3) ago 

The whole idea is ridiculously unconstitutional, unenforceable, and even the most boneheaded legislator should know that.

You mean like the whole 'go to prison for life if you boycott Israel' thing that's days away from becoming federal law?

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Charge stacking.

Charge stacking makes low level criminals look like serious offenders when that simply is not the case. A first-time offender can become a multiple offender if convicted of more than one of the stacked charges pending against him or her. Charge stacking is daunting to a criminal defendant.

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RESIDENCES. You can't even have one inside your own home.

[–] Guy_Justsome 1 points 18 points (+19|-1) ago 

Way to bankrupt your state with 1st Amendment lawsuits, stupid niggers.

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They don't care: They won't have to pick up the bill and they'll get to feel good about how they "fought hate."

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Free speech trumps this bill

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And the 2nd Amendment ensures the 1st amendment.

[–] thelma 2 points 10 points (+12|-2) ago 

Not the 2nd amendment.

You and me. Fuck these man-made laws.

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In the 50's, the Jews called this "DeNazification".

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That they did....

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'Wrong think punishment' is getting pretty strong these days out of the authoritarian left. Any ground gained by this sets precedents for more ground lost. This sort of intrusion goes into the very private lives of people.

Next it will be against the law to be critical of jews or Israel. It's where this is heading, look at other laws they're trying to shove off on us and they are winning. Anti-boycotting Israel laws tie into this sort of thing in the long run. There's no coincidences.

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Let's start a massive boycott Israel psyop.

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We can take it a step further and boycott jews.

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Inside or outside.

Yeah, fuck you. I'll decorate as I see fit.

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OH no the fuck you won't, goy. You will fly and israeli flag and love your bestest ally and friend. No white power symbols will be allowed in The United States For Israel. Maybe you should move to South Africa?? haha shaloms

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Take down the statue of Albert Pike. Lol.

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