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dailystormer is run a jew, fuck off with this garbage

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What..? Truly?

Do you have some evidence, because that would be kind of disillusioning to find out... Next you'll tell me that Murdoch Murdoch is also the jews..

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The more the better.

The more the Jew demands of the goy, the more the goy wake up

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I'm sure its more than that.

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In the uk theres just been an another holocaust "art" installation, and the re-defining of anti-Sumthinsumthin to include criticism of a certain ethnocentric geonocidal country, and the main opposition party (Labour) has been getting lots of MSM coverage for the horrendous crime of giving less of a fuck about their own country than Israel.

So yeah, something is going off, I think ((they)) are either worried now, or astroturfing minds for later.

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