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This is a follow up to this story i posted earlier:


Note the use of a stock photo that shows a white shooter

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It's time for them to accept the battle is over and it's not worth fighting against Jews, Niggers and Chinks over that shithole.

Whites need to fight on the same front and purge the kikes together.

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It wasn't a jew that shot her...

Maybe someday you'll learn, they are all our enemies.

Every single non-white person is the enemy of white people.

The "front" is everywhere.

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RSA - the New Sudan (but less sandy).

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lmao at what point do these people do the math and declare their own constitution?

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I have no pity for them. The smart ones left 20 years ago, i met some of them. They sold all their assets, bought boats, and lived in those boats until they married abroad and emigrated.

White South africa disarmed their nukes because they KNEW that the niggers were dangerous. The people that are getting mistreated are the cucks that thought coexistence was possible. They should have left when they had the chance. There were ways, there were means, but they chose to stay.