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Don't get upset. They NEED that money. Keeping dead babies on the table and adrenochrome in stock takes a ton of cash.

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But everyone connected got money for failed green projects. About 3 trillion dollars into the pockets of GLOBAL WARMING hysterics.

There was no part of the global warming con that didn't look exactly like a con right from the start. But that would only be because it was a con game that soaked billions out of every country. Then they said they had to replace white people around the world because they wouldn't take low enough wages and socialists, democrats and communists all thought it was a great idea to lower wages because bankers told them so.

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Of course things like HIV, homelessness, the environment, drug addicts, poverty, pollution etc... that you can essentially open a "non-profit" for is something which will NEVER be eradicated because there is no money in health, peace, and harmony.

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I guess they wanted to stop short of a billion to not draw too much attention.

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That $1M dollar loan sounds tiny compared to this one.

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and not one thing will come of it, goys. haha

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Dooooood!!! This bitch has been misappropriating money to herself and her family since day one. She spent millions of tax $ to fly herself and her family around the world. The day of the noose can't come fast enough!! No one should ever wonder how these "public servants" become millionaires while in office......they steal it.

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