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Very popular here in UK

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Same in Australia, but so many lefties here it's a bit closeted. Mostly it's the younger generation though, which I am glad of.

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fuckin oath mate, even with the MSM here in Oz constantly pushin their bullshit agenda, he is still popular.

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Ay!!! Oz represent! I fucking hope Shorten does not win the election this May. We need a Trump to sort out the shit we're in here down under.

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He's very popular in the USA too. This is also one of the media's best kept secrets.

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This could be why he is dragging his feet with getting boarder wall funding. It's obvious that he can just call a state of emergency to get it done, but if he has the media constantly talking about the "debate" in America with the wall.

The government is going to shut down again, all because of the dems lack of funding for the wall. The media will be all over this, and trying to blame trump will help make people realize that he is not asking for much, compared to so many other programs that are being funded with more money, and produce zero to negative results. Trump will force the media to keep talking about the wall, and they will not be able to stop themselves.

On Friday, a quarter of the federal government will shutdown, once again, and we will hear the same defeated talking points from the left, all the while, we have several weeks of new boarder related statistics that can be thrown into the conversation.

[–] lordvain2 1 points 9 points (+10|-1) ago 

He may be outnumbered in Washington, but he has changed the rest of the world. He he can't succeed in Washington we will know a revolution is the only solution we have left.

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If Trump is so unpopular , why are trumpian candidates winning all over the west???

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The people in charge of our press and entertainment are very old fashioned, at least 20 years out of date.

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Try 1917 Russia old fashioned. The people bolsheviks that own the media tell them what they're writing and how thy're reporting. The individuals simply shape their thinking to fit the paycheck they get.

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I’m in taiwan. Some women here hate him, but all Taiwanese see that he’s trying to do the right thing for Americans

[–] edistojim 1 points 1 points (+2|-1) ago 

Remember. Overseas they also loved Dumbo with a passion. We see how that turned out.

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Within white liberal circles maybe. You'd be surprised how much his popularity declined with basically everybody else. His populatiry among his people, Muslims and blacks declined after Gaddafi/Legalization of Homo marriage and his lack of progress for the blacks in America.

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which dumbo? W or O?

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The nigger that wasn't a nigger, remember the World Apology Tour?

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