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Give fathers their rights back and you will have your baby boom

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I wonder if they also have a plague of man children like America does. Too many 20 and 30 somethings just refuse to grow up because of the responsibilities.

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One part of the problem is that, in the West, the system enables men to behave like children all their lives. We need a social structure that forces men to take responsibility as men in their teens. Give them the option of behaving like children, and many will take it; but if you take away that option they are forced to behave like adults. The state should never replace mommy.

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NBot really. For good or bad - masculinity has it's strong stance in post-soviet countries. Man should be man. Overgrown boys are a laughing stock. As bad as it sounds in MGTOW era - this is what built the civilization.

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Remove income tax and give people rights (to have guns).

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Take women out of the workforce. First of all it's unnecessay and usually inefficient. Second it will increase wages.

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I'm glad that none of the big media outlets are picking up on how similar this is to the German policy in the 30s. They would have a field day with if they did.

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Looks like it's time for me to relocate. Hungary it is.

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What if I tell you the wage is 2,5-3$/hour, do you still wanna live in Hungary?

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What is the cost of living? My wage in NYC was $72/hr, but you won't live well on that amount there.