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According to Amnesty International, around 120 lawyers…
Teng Biao, a Chinese lawyer and activist currently in America, says it includes nearly all of China’s civil-rights lawyers.

How large is China? How many civil-rights lawyers does it have? Just 120? AI's statement of "around 120 lawyers" having gotten questioned is an objective one from a generally trustworthy source. However, the statement that those were "nearly all of China's civil-rights lawyers", —the statement which informed the headline—, is opinion from "a Chinese lawyer and activist currently in America". Note that which lawyers you consider civil-rights lawyers is largely a matter of opinion. Such opinion is easy to defend, even to the point of non-falsifiability: Faced with conflicting evidence, you can simply say that you don't consider any of the other lawyers to be true civil-rights lawyers.

Finding a good lawyer in China may become harder.

Of all the lawyers in China, 120 are how many percent? Of course, "may" is also malleable. Your mother "may" be a whore.

This article would have been better if it had stuck to the facts, which in themselves are concerning enough.


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i will say its scary to think a nation that large would only have 120 or so civil rights lawyers


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Of course the scary idea that those 120 who were questioned were all the civil rights lawyers of China is a subjective opinion from "a Chinese lawyer and activist currently in America".

"Civil rights lawyer" itself is an opinion-based label. It's not a qualification lawyers either obtain or don't; it's subjective praise based on what you think of a lawyer's work. It goes without saying that those questioned by official enemies deserve whatever subjective praise we can attach to them; they are worthy victims. (Worthy and unworthy victims per Chomsky et al.)