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I had 2 friends want to come watch it at my house because I bought a stupid expensive TV 3 years ago which i don’t personally watch anymore. Yes I regret it. It was from a free cbs app. I don’t have cable TV. I abliged them even though I stopped watching nigger ball a few years back. It was strange. We mostly talked about other shit while it played as a background distraction for small moments of pause in our conversation. These are die hards and other than their weakness for sports are genuinely good hearted honest people. I snuck in a few red pills. Life isn’t great. But I make lemonade daily as I clean my weapons.

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Same here. My buddy's mom asked me who i was rooting for, I said "white people".

Got a pretty good laugh

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Great reply. This is now my go to answer to the same question.

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Exact same here.

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If they banned niggers from the game I would start watching, I would even watch the ads as a token of my gratitude.

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Watch local HS teams

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Where do you live that HS teams aren't also filled with niggers?

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I'm taking a knee from nfl

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Yes I saw that comment in the article too.

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Get woke. Go broke.

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Time to tighten down the screws. I want next Superb Owl to be mostly commercial-less (the big multi-million dollar ones) because they can't guarantee enough eyes on it to justify the costs.

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Watched with my parents as its a tradition and, hey, ill watch one game a year for family time. My wife is one of those "I just like the commercials" types. Well, the commercials were shit. Usually I get a laugh out of a few of them, not this year. They pretty much all just glorified niggers and portrayed them as at least 50% of the population when they are only 13%. Oddly enough they didn't even have a bunch of spics, which there are actually alot more of. My dad is old school "polite racist" but even he couldn't help but comment about it. "what the hell is this, it's just a bunch of negros pretending to be relevant"

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"what the hell is this, it's just a bunch of negros pretending to be relevant"

The boomer version of WE WUZ KANGZ

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the commercials were horrible but dude if she watches an event because of commercials she is doing it wrong,just saying

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She's watching it to share something with him.

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There are a ton of broads who say this.

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maybe they should have shown the JEEP commercial


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Eww it showed niggers in there.

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One time I went to a 70 mil IMAX movie and they played an ad beforehand with a closeup of a really niggerish lookin nigger. Super grotesque proportions of features. The fish eyes, the inside-out lips. I couldn't believe that an advertising agency would have the misjudgment to juxtapose their product with that, but they did, and as big as a house too. Absolutely disgusting.

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For Stars they chose Marilyn Monroe? The Whore heroine OD bitch?

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she was killed by the CIA for trying to expose the Greys you kike twat

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The left is beside itself - they can scream "muh Russians" and "muh bots" all they want, but what Russian trolls and bots can't do is keep asses out of seats. Let's the left know that they're not talking to Russians or bots, unless they want to claim that the NFL has been propped up by Russians and bots the entire time...

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Did you literally just post fake news about Russian conspiracy theories as a reply to me?

Imagine the disconnected liberal faggotry that has to go into trying to say that people you just all called racists for voting for PRESIDENT Donald Trump a few minutes ago, are NOT being turned off in droves because a nigger tried use the NFL to grandstand and spit in all their faces, as well as the faces of the troops, while spreading a conspiracy theory about niggers being genocided by police. Make up your mind, faggot - we're either racists or poor misled patriots being spurned on by Russian propaganda.

If you want to go the Russian conspiracy route, then there are plenty of videos of Kapernigger doing exactly that... so how it's a conspiracy "theory" when it actually happened is beyond me. Just more liberal logic 101 from the big brains on the left that can't figure out that a faggot in a dress is a faggot in a dress.

Enjoy your downgoat.

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As for as I can tell the Russian waste a $100,000 on social media to no effect. The Russians were shitty at sowing discord during the 2016 election. The only effect they had afterward was when Hillary didn't get her turn. Then it was suddenly "muh Russians!" Hillary was one of the shittiest candidates ever. Her and Wendell Willkie took the entire month of August off during the election and both lost.

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