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Hillary and her friends are probably having one hell of a pizza party tonight... Probably just burning through dozens of pizzas and hot dogs tonight. Word on the street is people like Hillary think the food tastes best if you torture it for hours and then kill it at the height of it's suffering.

Guess it's a good thing we live in a modern society... Not like back in the Stone age where our leaders would indulge in human sacrifice and rape because of lunar and celestial events.

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Interesting. We wrap our barbarities in such fine clothing don't we? Look how progressive we are.

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Is this where pelosi was tyring to go? She missed the ritual. She's failed to feast on the life force and she's scared she will wither.

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Is he dropping pills under the guise of watching the moon?

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Blazing jihadi theft press video.

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I did the Bird Box Challenge during the Super Blood Wolf Moon and all I got was this shitty shirt that says my toxic masculinity makes the NPC's REEEEEEE

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Can we let the Russians nuke Israel for the good of humanity?

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Nukes dont exist

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Hahaha you got me. Well played!

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