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Fuck off with your Blazing Press bullshit videos. Link the official source like @Chempergrill did, or get the fuck out.

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OP's username might be relevant

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I'm fairly certain it's a bot.

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Ewww..... What a disgusting username. Telling us to wake up? Lol. I can't help but feel sorry fpr him.

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Fox news and Fake News CNN both report a broadcast time of 4PM EST, 1PM PST.

Edit: Official White House Live Broadcast link

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...as if you didn't see Trump bring Larry Page and Eric Schmidt into Trump tower and suck them off right after he was elected.

...as if you don't know as well as I do he's paying them out the ass for everyone's personal data, just like MS, FB, and everyone else who flings poo in his face

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Invidio should be able to live stream it, although there will be about a 10 second delay.


Edit: Invidio has about a 30 second delay, but otherwise works great.

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Is the stream shit and cutting out for anyone else?

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I had some low resolution moments.

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Don’t put urgent in capital letters like I’m gonna watch this. AM I JIST A SHEEEEP BAHHHHHH BAHHHHHH

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You are an Aryan sheep.

You are a Goat.

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He tried to pull the wool over your eyes.

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Trump is bending over backwards to make sure even the people with the lowest IQs in the USA undersrtand that if the Dems don't agree to this, then it's completely their shutdown. When that happens Trump can declare a National Emergency and be completely justified.

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Agreed, he only offered the compromise knowing that it would be rejected. But it looks really good optics-wise. The Dems are fucked. He framed it perfectly.

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Social security numbers for DACA recipients? wtf

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He's apparently trying to get the illegals' votes. He's sure losing those of his base.

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Too bad that's not how you get the illegal vote.

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He's a hostile. Proven, case closed.

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Any idea when he's gonna get to the fuckin' point? I have things to do.

Edit: Nevermind, it was pre-talk bullshit.

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Broadcast starts in an hour here.

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Thank you.

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Any idea when he's gonna get to the fuckin' point? There are things to do.

kinda good tl;dr of his past 2 years in the oval office... but yea if someone could tl;dw this bitch or mirror the stream so we can download and watch on 2x afterwards that'd be cool.

...not everyone in the world can sit around hitting refresh on the POTUS' Twitter feed all day

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You should record your self masterbating and send it on over to me.

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Isn't animal porn illegal?

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You must be young.

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It's probably going to be another "this is the last one - just like the last four" amnesty complete with a millions in chain "migration". And he's still not going to get any funding for the wall.

Rolled like a toddler. It's going to be the same shit until we stop voting for the Demupblican-Republicrate party.

Spez: Called it. Amnesty. Folded like a cheap suit. Sad.

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It wasn't accepted. The shutdown continues.

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