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Sad how how these frenchmen can be ignored for months on end.

What are they gonna do? Smash a couple of cars?

Even if they end up voting, the results will be rigged, and the politician blackmailed.

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Sad how they haven't actually charged their capital and hung their so-called "leaders"

Until that happens, not a god damned thing will change. It's only posturing until then.

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Friendly reminder that the French Police are not armed, in the same way that the British Police are unarmed.

Probably wouldn't be too hard to accidentally trip, fall, and toss a Napalm Cocktail by way of Momma's Boy Macron. Just saying.

I've never seen the formative stage of an insurrection in the Post-Millenial Era, pick up steam quite like this one in the West. Some might say that it's contagious.

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Oh they definitely are armed. Not every one has a pistol, but they do have arms at their disposal.

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To make a French omelet, you have to break some eggs.

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Their only win to to overthrow the regime with violence. It has to get messy, or nothing will change, and they'll ultimately be suppressed and defeated.

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10 pageviews, 9 upvotes, 9 minutes, top of the frontpage.

Blazing Press strikes again.

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User @punacare is doing it also.


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Yes, and @Carefulme.

I really don't care about the content being pushed. Whether it's good or bad, it doesn't matter. Our frontpage is not for sale.

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Ruptly; not stolen like blazing jihad press.


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This is called a Blitzkrieg!

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There's no earthly way of knowing

which direction we are going

there's no knowing where we're rowing

or which way the river's flowing

Is it raining?

Is in snowing?

Is a hurricane a-blowing?

Not a speck of light is showing

so the danger must be growing

Are the fires of Hell a-glowing?

Is the grizzly reaper mowing?


The danger MUST be growing

for the rowers keep on rowing



Godspeed, you wonderful Frogs.

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I've been pretty excited about both this and the US government shutdown. I hope they both last for a long time.

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The right to free speech is the first law any nation should have because when your voice isn't enough all that's left is violence and at that point it doesn't matter who's right or wrong, just who's willing to use the most force.

So frogfags, it's been 10 weeks and your side has already literally been shot at. What in the actual fuck are you doing out having a peaceful stroll? Your leaders have proven they give absolutely no fucks and the rest of the world still acknowledges their right to rule to boot. You absolutely must make it impossible for them to rule if you want to win and they've already fired the first shots that have determined that your efforts are in vain without a greater use of force yourself. If you want to be peaceful about it I recommend barricading every building a politician uses as well as doing the same to the police stations. Make it impossible for them to work, deny them their mercenary forces and force the military to come in and declare the government illegitimate. Realistically though setting up a guillotine in front of parliament and making them take turns would be far quicker and more effective but all the same unless you're willing to use more violence than they are you've already lost and might as well go back home.

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If they had guns the protests would've been over in a few days

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We need a C130 full of FP-45 Liberator pistols to air drop for Frenchies, like we did for WW2.

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Just remember this shit the next time some dumbass starts crowing about how you can't fight a government that has nukes and drones and guns are useless against swat teams.

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French, you must convert your police to your side. Convince the leaders. They are Frenchmen too.

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The higher you go, the more (((French))) they are.

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That country is soaked in gasoline, all it will take is a match to set it off.

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Hah! Which is ironic as hell when you look back on why they're doing this in the first place.

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Because the French have been dog shit at voting for decades?

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