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Mostly all kikes survived since it never happened. The allied bombing of supply lines going into the camps during the end phase of WW2 is what they actually had a hard time surviving. No food makes for skinny kikes. Not that the Allies ever cared at the time or really now, fuck kikes.

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Oy vey, it's like anudda shoah, she instantly remembered being turned into soap and a lampshade.

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I suppose you'd fucking know, eh? Are you related to that kike bitch?

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Another survivor? Goddamn. How did Germans ever get the stereotype of being superefficient engineers when all I see is "survivors" everywhere?

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https://archive.ph/nMvFE :

Holocaust survivor beaten by stranger in unprovoked attack

'A Montreal police spokesperson told CBC the assailant has an intellectual disability and won’t be charged with a crime.“I feel angry. '

' Definitely not,” the driver told CBC. '

'An elderly Holocaust survivor was badly beaten last November in the back of a public transport vehicle, according to a report. '

'I feel shocked,” Fogelman’s daughter, Debbie Rona, told CBC. “I look at my mother and she’s so mentally aware, but there’s physical vulnerability there. '

'Coincidentally, Fogelman’s husband, Léon Besnos, was also a victim of a violent assault by a stranger in 1986. '

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