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Maybe a bunch of their liberal friends will go look for them?

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We can only hope

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fucking idiots EU of course would like to shut news down, that guy from the banned info wars channel commented on this event

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How can we get most of Californians to go look for them? Maybe start a #BurkinoFasoHasTheBestSoy campaign...

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He's most likely already dead. She's probably wishing she was.

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These people are in some serious denial if they believe all countries and all people are basically the same, just misunderstood victims of evil institutions. A deadly blind spot they have developed for themselves.

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The sick thing is that they haven't developed it on their own...I was in elementary school in the 80's and 90's and we were always taught all the religions and peoples are exactly the same. Ethnic cultures are worshiped in Canada

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But isnt that racist? Calling all peopl the same dening them their culture and heirtage?

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I’m trying to develop a well structured hypothesis on what this phenomenon is. At its basic level it stems from “education”. As you look further you see that these idiots view the populations in dangerous countries as “harmless”. It’s as if they view them as overgrown children. It’s why they go along with the middle aged balding child refugee meme. Also why ain’t think they are not up in arms protecting themselves. Would you lash out at a retard or a screeching autistic kid or move in with your day? These Europeans know their culture is superior. THEY are superior. And it causes this incredible level of dissonance. Throw in a healthy handful of ethnic self hate with nihilism and you get this delicious multi cultural stew.

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Could the ultimate source of this mindset be subtle cabal conditioning through manipulation of the education system, the media, etc? Difficult for me to imagine populations willingly being in favor of policies and attitudes that are not in their best interest or actually harmful to them. Politicians play a big part in it and are easily corrupted but I don't think that's the only poison in the stew.

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Bye, assholes.

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It's weird when the inevitable happens.

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Naïveté pisses me off more than any other character flaw.

[–] NosebergShekelman 2 points 7 points (+9|-2) ago 

hahaha I hope they are being tortured this very minute.

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They are most likely dead, killed in a very brutal fashion and the woman was probably raped repeatedly. But at least they weren't racist!

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They are most likely dead, killed in a very brutal fashion and the woman was probably raped repeatedly. But at least they weren't racist!

Yes, the woman was most likely brutally raped after being forced to watch her man beaten to death but before being beaten to death herself... ...but the REAL tragedy is that this might make people think that not every culture is equal and the same :/

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