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I thought legally you only have to show ID if you're suspected of committing a crime. Unless there was probable cause that the passenger was committing a crime I don't see an issue. Seems to me that the 9th circus made a valid ruling for once.

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Exactly this. Valid drivers license to be driving, the rest of the time you shouldn't have to show your peeyapers, comrade.

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Depends on state and local. Some states or local jurisdictions see driving as being a commercial thing and traveling to be non-commercial; if driving, need DL ... if traveling, no DL required.

Very few places do not require a DL for traveling .. but, also, very few make it a CRIME to travel w/o a DL. huh, funny.

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You never have to show ID.

If they have RAS or PC you have to give: name, address, birth day.

And ID would give them this info but usually much more info...simply don't carry ID.

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If they have RAS or PC you have to give: name, address, birth day.

I'm not familiar with RAS or PC, what does that mean? Also let me clarify, I was under the impression that you were under no obligation to provide any information to the police unless you were suspected of committing a crime.

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My bad, but at least it's a dotgov virus

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can't have their paid mercenaries getting caught without id - in other words the shadow government foot soldiers.

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This must be about illegals who don't have driver's licenses.

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No, it is about US cops and their belief that they get to poke into everyone's business all the time because they have a uniform on. Drivers or not, they demand identification all the damned time, they have no cause to do so, just want to identify everyone for some reason, and have arrested people for refusing to present ID. Get out your papers motherfucker.

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ID isn't required in California. You simply have to truthfully identify yourself.

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Pdfs can have viruses and malware. This is highly suspicious.

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I gotta hand it to Adobe. They have a 25 year old piece of technology that is still to this day riddled with attack vectors. That takes dedication.

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Yet they push out software updates every few hours.

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Probably developed with what I like to call the jenga style, if you fuck with older code on the bottom, the whole thing collapses, probably why they never fixed the exploits.

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In Florida you do what they say or your ass find fs out real quick why they say " come on vacation leave on probation".

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Yes, police often abuse their powers to punish people who disrespect their authority. That doesnt make it ok.

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No didn't say it was okay just saying from experience Florida cops are more likely to abuse their power than most other states I bet but I haven't been harassed by cops in other states so I don't know

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Just another way to let their sycophants and illegals to skirt the law.

The tree of liberty is thirsty, friends. I'm afraid it must be watered soon or we'll be lost.

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Do you actually want to live in a "papers please" society, where lack of ID means arrest? You act like this ruling is tyranny when in fact it is protection from it. Without suspicion that a person has committed a crime, there is no reason for police to expect an ID.

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5 Mexicans in a car in the current year is suspicious. This is the rule they are abusing to stay hidden.

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