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A parent swats the behind of their child for misbehaving and CYS is called and the child removed from the parents. This, is applauded, another step to make this behavior acceptable. GOD help us.

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CPS is in business of stealing children from homes to pimp them out to abusive foster families. That's just what they do.

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Government is demonic and trying to destroy us.

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True. But what he meant is that parents should suffer consequences if they allow this.

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Protecting children should be a randomly assigned task for the police, never a career. This has been obvious forever to everyone except politicians.

My final conclusion is that this is an inherent feature of republican government. The idea that anyone can sign up for any job is a fundamental, essential element of republican philosophy. As soon as anyone starts questioning what kind of person seems a little too interested in caring for children, people might start to think to question what kind of person is hungry for political power (mostly, the same demographic!). The solution to this is random selection, when one realizes a king is just a random guy born to be a king, not self-selected. Monarchism is the only realistic way to protect children. Otherwise, the elites always eventually become a pedophile cult because they remain most loyal to each other. They use blackmail webs to maintain discipline better than any other faction.

This isn't just about CPS. It's about the entire concept of law school, and ultimately the nature of the republic itself. It's just so easy to let one's healthy anger overwhelm you too early, but the anger that comes later is worse...

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RIP Nancy Schaefer.

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She said, "This is just how he expresses himself. He is just a kid playing."

Seriously, God help us. No, whether or not that child says he "wants" it DOESN'T MATTER AT ALL. We don't allow children to consent. He has been so abused he thinks this is play because you fucking twisted people taught him this is fun. He is being abused, and because it is all he knows, you call it play. There are some words that Leftists have destroyed the meaning of, which I can at least live with. But this can't be tolerated. Calling sexual activity with adults "play" for a child is the most fucking ridiculous thing I've ever heard.

What else could we do that with? Oh, those ovens, and the Jews going in them? Yeah, that's just play. We are just expressing ourselves.

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They tried to get my "consent" as a child. A child cant consent but you can sure pressure them into it.

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No, whether or not that child says he "wants" it DOESN'T MATTER AT ALL. We don't allow children to consent.

A very important point that doesn't get said enough.

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Slap him on the ass as he dances around the Pole with dollar bills tucked into his G-string though and they won't even call the bouncer.

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Hell, CPS shows up if you let your kid walk a block to school alone!

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Yes, because that kid is not pozzed yet, it will bring top $ being pimped out by them.

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Dude, what the actual fuck?! What type of shit parent would let this happen in the first place?

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Agreed. I don't actually care if this boy likes to put on dresses for fun...so he's into whatever he's into, and he will likely grow out of it if left alone. Or he won't.

It creeps me the fuck out he's become the object of entertainment for grown ass adults...stirs something in me that makes me want to harm them for not protecting him. IDK what is broken with those fuckers. (Reboot needed.)

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It’s a sign of the times unfortunately, parents whoring their kids out to pedophiles for a shot at their 15 minutes. I’m not a Christfag, but revelations is seeming pretty enticing right now.

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Look up an interview with the parents. The father is clearly a faggot, and is likely the one who groomed the poor boy to become like this. The mother... something is up with her, too. It's hard to explain, you'd have to watch it.

Search for an interview with Desmond's parents. Idr their last name, you'll find it.

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This is a different abused kid than Desmond (from Brooklyn) This abused kid (Lactacia) is from Canada.
There are a handful. Ovens when? https://www.nbcnews.com/feature/nbc-out/drag-kids-are-slaying-runway-one-fierce-look-time-n918211

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Just about any vice has someone or something now working hard to push the levels of degeneracy to inhuman behavior. While at the same time normalizing it bit by bit in everything that's mass produced. Should be a lesson to us all to have limits to what "programming" we consume.. even if we ignore it we're still desensitized by it.

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I dont know, Stabby, I'm pretty jaded, but this type of tranny-boy thing really upsets me. I hate stage mothers and stage fathers to start with, but combining that with Mommy Dearest level sleazery / slavery, where the child is forced into this weirdness makes me want to scream.

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And just what type of shit government allows those who take care of children to be those who are most interested in the job?

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Kid's probably got 5 STD's and an asshole that looks like the Chunnel.

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He'll either suicide or overdose by 25.

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We need flammenwerfer. To werf flammen. All the flammen must be werfed. Just burn it all down.

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guys this is fucking shit try mail https://www1.nyc.gov , https://www.europol.europa.eu/ , https://www.fbi.gov/contact-us, https://www.interpol.int somebody e-mail them if you suspect crimes against innocents ... i hope the justice system fixes this otherwise its possible burning torches, mob rules and rope comes

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Yes, we must alert them because they're obviously asleep at the wheel or living under a rock to not have already made the move to stop this insanity. Why aren't they doing their job is the question.

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I hope you're saying v instead of w in your head when you type Flammenwerfer. I just tried to read your comment in my fake NAZI accent (in my head) and I realized half the people in the US have never been to the cradle of civilization, Europe.

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It's both. Why? Fuck niggers that's why.

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I support this initiative.

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What about Drag kids for Isreal?

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Fire is the best way to kill faggots, since it sterilizes their GRIDS infested blood.

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It's time for a cleansing.

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There's a special place in hell for people like this kids parents. It's likely he's so screwed up at this point he won't ever be able to lead a normal life.

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This seems very creepy. These are irresponsible parents.

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I have no words. These parents will answer someday for what they have done to their child.

Maybe our civilization deserves to be wiped out.

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This is why the Jews won WWII. Western Civilization needs to reclaim itself from its (((captors))).

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