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Nuke Israel, pls.

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Can't, the only country that openly used nukes against civilians is Israel's bitch.

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That's how this should be done. Fire Israel's nukes at Israel and then say "self hating jews" did it.

[–] Redditsdead 11 points 2 points (+13|-11) ago 

Can't. Samson option.

[–] kingdomhearts123 1 points 24 points (+25|-1) ago 

jews lie dummy.

Nuke them immediately.

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Nuke their nukes. Double nuke.

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Not with that attitude. Double PLUS nuke Israel, in that case! Pretty please!

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Oh no we might lose every major city in europe, think of all the dead shitskins and liberals, truly an atrocity.

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Trump pulling our boys out, Jews trying to bring him back in.

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This video was made by auroa intelligence. I checked out thier website, it looks like it waa created by some random corporate jargon generator... A lot of words that dont actually say anything.if Israel was attacking Syria , they sure as shit wouldn't admit it. Live streaming a night raid ... That's not very steathly. These auroa people are suspicious.

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RT is also reporting on this... I believe them before a lot of others.

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You can check other news to verify it is happening. I took one look at the youtube and said "naaa, I ain't believing this shit." I looked at other news sites and found out it is real.

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Why cant people just post videos without some retard commenting with their “thoughts and opinions” in it? If i gave a damn about your need of being brainwashed then i would watch the news. I always automatically close shit from propagandaists.

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5 seconds of actual news


Like a food blog for current events

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That's a pretty apt analogy. I am going to use it myself.

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All I want is a DOS prompt that spits out raw information like a stock ticker. I can dream...

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Go back to 1920. Seriously, they had a live feed facsimile newspaper service in the 1920's. http://paleofuture.com/storage/1939%20radio_news%20paleofuture.jpg?__SQUARESPACE_CACHEVERSION=1237790067454

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I agree with you. It's best that people post videos that label where and when an event is happening, and then we can all come to our own conclusions.

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They sure do love them numbers.

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oy vey dont point this out, goy. Edit your post now or I report you to Putt, the ADL and link it to Trumps twitter AND I'm calling my lawya.

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While we're on the subject of numbers. Yours is up.

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Damascus has also foretold to become destroyed at the beginning of the apocalypse.

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oh, wow. interesting. what do they mean besides the obvious inversion of 9/11?

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I'm not that proficient in jewish gematria, I just immediately noticed the similarities. Anybody want to chime in here?

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Syria won't be lobbing missiles into Israel.

Not that it matters. Everyone's air defense systems take them all down.

They may as well sit down to a game of determinant chess at this point.

[–] WhatitIs 1 points 23 points (+24|-1) ago 

Not true.

The Syrians can beat Israel if they get any of Russia's latest hypersonic toys.

This shit is real. Israel is acting out of fear, and if you take into account their entire culture, they have always acted out of fear so strong it became malice.

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I think the whole world would celebrate if Russia helped defend their ally with their new and almost unstoppable toys. The kikes would have no choice but to back down or die and they're not likely to back down which would force Russia to stop them on their own turf. Everyone would love to see Israel invaded like that. The livestreams would be glorious.

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Lots of the time they act out of greed in the search for ever greater profits.

As per their rules of acquisition and all that.

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I bet Russia is excited to have live testing on American aircraft being flown by Israelis.

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Good thing all you faggot Muslim boys ran away from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Libya, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Somalia, Sudan, Mali, Niger, Lebanon and Turkey leaving your daughters and women behind so you could go to Europe and America and get drunk and show how tough you are against the young, white girls in the west in the name of Jihad.

How dare you?

Allah CURSES your souls for eternity for not uniting against the Jew in your own land.

Allah CONDEMNS any Muslim that runs in fear in the face of evil.

Allah spits on you and your family for not fighting the Jew invader of the Holy Land.

Today it's Syria. Tomorrow, Jordan. Soon, the true Abdul Allah will be crushed by the Jew pigs and they will take over Medina and Mecca while you hide in the lands of the west that the Jews already control.

Shame on you in the name of Allah.

There is only one GOD and Muhammad is his prophet. Unite and drive the Jew from your land or you will be cursed as cowards for all eternity!

Return and Unite! Drive the Jew out of your land!

Allah Akbar!!

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woof. if we send you guys all of our jews will you promise to be nice and let us have our countries back? you've got to promise to throw them in a meat grinder though.

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nah the jews wont take meca, they will let them have it.

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Jews don't hate Muslims. They hate Christians. Muslims are an inconvenience to them, sure. But the existence of Christianity literally invalidates all Judaism. It must be extinguished.

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We need to nuke Iran and tell them Israel did it. Mutual assured destruction. Awesome.

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Damn, Trump actually got Israel to start doing it's own dirty work in full public view.

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It's about Damn time

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What difference does it make. Israel openly and brazenly attacked the USS Liberty, and we begged them for more.

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