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It didn’t meet the goal, so that’s what happens with this begging site. This isn’t nefarious or surprising.

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https://archive.ph/HqkZh :

GoFundMe refunding donations made to the 'Build the Wall' fundraiser - Business Insider

'The GoFundMe campaign went viral during the week of its creation in December 2018. ', "Kolfage, a US veteran and Trump supporter, updated the campaign's GoFundMe page on Friday announcing the refunds."

'The GoFundMe campaign that aimed to raise $1 billion for the border wall is shutting down, and the $20 million raised will be refunded to donors. '

'"All donors will be contacted by GoFundMe via email and they can also find additional the donor form directly on the campaign page," he said. '

'This is why, he wrote, his new non-profit will now accept any donations previously made to the GoFundMe. '

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