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How about "gas the fucking jews"?

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That is a call to action... illegal.

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What about "a lot of people believe the jews should all be gassed"? Opinion, not a call to action! Freedom of speech is fun!

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In USA under many Supreme Court rulings it is 100% PROTECTED FREE SPEECH and not illegal if "indefinite specific subclass of targets" and "indefinite time of action one year or more in future" (imminent action SCOTUS ruling).

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First time for everything.

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"Norwegian" rapper. It's a sand ape that verbally attacked the jews that inflicted him upon Norway. Hilarious.

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The only reason the Norwegian court ruled it was protected speech is because the person who said it is a sand nigger. if he had been White... well, see Count Dankula.

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See that's how you beat the system. Nominate muzzies to test the bounds of the law. They'll be given a pass every time opening an opportunity for whites to have immunity.

A whole army of whites marching through the streets saying "Fucking Jews" and not a damn thing they authorities could do about it.

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Obviously the phrase "F***ing Jews" is free speech, and has no swear words even.

But what about the phrase :

"Fucking Jews"

If "F***ing Jews" is still free speech, is also "Fucking Jews"?

The article does not mention about "Fucking Jews" atl all.

The article specifically only discusses "F***ing Jews", a different phrase.

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I believe they were using REGEX so Fucking Jews should qualify.

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The left eating the left is always an interesting story.

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Another interesting story is about the bolsheviks eating the national socialists?

Got a surprise ending too!

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It's funny because only the left has Jews.

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Can't tell if being sarcastic or not. Where-ever there's influence and power peddling, you'll find jews.
They were all over the "official" Alt-Right representatives and outlets from day one.

They literally don't care if whitey hates the jew, as long as he pays for the privilege with shekels and representative power.

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Norwegian court found in a mangled, burnt bus at the bottom of a cliff. Reports of bullet holes in the corpses are unsubstantiated.

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Gas the jews

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This is shorter, and the way the middle schoolers type that :


Middle schoolers? Yes, the 7th grade girls, as famous in this weeks news photo :


And the embedded GPS EXIF data on the orig picture jpg was not scrubbed, so millions of dollars of ANTI-JEW SPLC money and SPLC action teams hunted the 7th graders down to shoah them out of school forever, and other swastikas formed outdoors :


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Joanna Mendelson, ‏a senior ADL researcher, characterized the incident “alarming” but not surprising, pointing to a February report published by the group that documented 457 antisemitic incidents in non-Jewish K-12 schools in 2017 — a 94 percent increase from 2016, and 301 percent increase from 2015.

Well that's good news. It's reassuring to see our youth headed in the right direction.

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Kholardi was hired by the City of Oslo to sing at a family festival intended to celebrate diversity last June. Instead, after asking if there were any Jews in the audience, he said “f***ing Jews,” adding “just kidding.” hahahahaha, thought they liked diversity of opinion.

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