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If you previously donated, make sure to click the bit.ly link in the gofundme update to designate your donation to the new project, otherwise it will be refunded to you, the link is on this page:


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Yeah, give your money to a conman with previous crowd funding scams

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And myyyy Skidsteer... I would totally load up my machinery and go down there and help if they would let me.

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Maybe create a new faction of habitat for humanity to build the wall?

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We need to start our own yellow vest, except they will be brick colored vests, go to the south and build the wall. We will build parts of the wall with concrete.

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Orange (hunting) vests were proffered one time. I thought that was a good idea.

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Is it specifically illegal to build that wall? The only one stoping you is you bruh

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Well... lets see. I don't own the land. I don't have a building permit.

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Trump's not even trying to and he's getting jobs created

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Trump's not even trying

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Looking forward to this company "mysteriously" dissappearing with the funds in three months. Just like every other kickstarter ever.

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GoFundMe is refunding all donations made to the 'Fund the Wall' campaign


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Can someone please tell me why they are forcing a refund? Have not gofundme's ran for longer and aren't they not actually obliged to have to meet the goal? I guess they want to force the end of the gofundme before it is the largest to ever be on gofundme?

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The refund is not being forced. Donors are being given the option of a refund or having their original donation redirected to a new initiative to build a wall on private lands.

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I think he was the one who chose to end it. It makes sense though. He started it on Gofundme to raise awareness and elevate the profile of his project. Now that he's done that people will be willing to donate directly to the cause. There's no need now for gofundme to get a cut of the donations.

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You guys realize as soon as they start to build it the government's going to come and tear it down because they don't have any type of Licensing to build it.

Is that wall to code?

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Most of it will be in rural areas without building codes. Also $20 million+ is enough to pay some lawyers.

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Make a moat filled with niggers as a barrier. Throw liberal amounts of KFC, watermelon, crack, and malt liquor in there on a regular basis to keep them lively. Immigration problem = solved.

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How about we do this with everything the country needs? Brian Kolfage for government.

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