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who is also his daughter

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Yeah.. This video seems to be out of context. His facial expressions are odd because he's emotional /crying and his daughter removed his had because she was going to ask him something. (probably to stop touch her tits in public lol )


Skip to 1:10.. To me it's more affection than anything sexual. His other daughter is holding his hand to her chest

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Isn't he rubbing her rib/belly area? I'm high alert about pedos but this doesn't look like what you guys say it is. He rubs with his finger tips, not his palm, and his fingers are about at the bottom of the girls ribs and beginning of her belly.

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What the hell is wrong with you? That's her breast you sick fuck

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As a new parent things like this scare the shit out of me.

There are so many different ways being a caring parent can be taken out of context.

Add in the fact that people can/are recording everything your doing and it becomes like living in a minefield.

In this instance I'd err on the side doubt, as another voater posted:

His facial expressions are odd because he's emotional /crying and his daughter removed his had because she was going to ask him something.

If more proof came out it'd be happy to eat my words but if something like this was to blow up it would destroy not just his life but his whole family.

Assumption of guilt is a very stupid left leaning idea, let's not do that.

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No. What the fuck. I have a daughter, and I'd NEVER touch her like that in any context... even by accident. The people coming out and defending this are unbelievable.

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Yeah, a few years ago they were arresting Parents for Child Porn for taking photos of their Kids in the Bath tub. All these Fucks hollering He's Grouping are the SICK FUKS here.

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Congratulations on your little one and good luck in the future.

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The way he was moving his hand looks like he knew what he was doing, and both his and his daughters reactions make it sketchy. But if he fondles his daughter our think he would at least be smart enough to not do it in public while photos are being taken of him. Idk I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, but again you can't argue with how it looks.

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but again you can't argue with how it looks.

Agreed. It looks like he's holding his daughter close because he's having some kind of emotional experience. Anyone thinking "he's fondling her tits" might benefit by consuming less popular culture, and spending some time around actual humans.

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Why did he move the necklace

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To me it seems they are so cocky, that they don't care.

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Dude its a photoshoot. Im sorry, usually Im with you guys but this dude can get some serious ass and he's a notoriously nice guy.

Isnt that his kid?

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Yes. And we went through this like 3 days ago the first time this was posted.

These are incel douchebags that want men afraid to even touch their own daughters.

Deprive them of a father figure and ALL human interaction. Let's just see if that doesn't raise an entire generation of psychopaths.

This clip is HORSE SHIT that not even the unhinged cunt alyssa milano would have the gall to post.


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Yep, these "he's fondling her tits" people have severe psychological issues.

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The notion of being able to get ass and not abusing kids are unrelated.

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Yeah. The one on the left is a boy too. I doubt they’d let a girl with their shirt unbuttoned. His name is Nakoa or something. They’re his kids. But with that knowledge they’ll probably be screaming incest now. In Wikipedia it says Zoe Kravitz is his daughter, that means hes been pumping out kiddies since he was 9. The dude doesn’t fondle children.

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He's Zoe's stepfather dumbass, not her biological father. You really think a famous actor had a child at 9 with a woman decades older than him?

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Um,....Zoe KRAVITZ. I think she’s Lenny Kravitz’s daughter.

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Dude this looks like someone took a video of their screen, heres the actual gif


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I don't know. His little pinky got kinda close. Close enough to make her uncomfortable. It may have been an accident if he was distracted though.

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Definitely weird- his kid or not. You can be affectionate without touching the tits.

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ya know a small part of me was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, even with the little girl pulling his hand away and making a "WTF" face, but then that quick pan to his face and his expression is damn near euphoric.

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Mhm. Part of me wanted to as well but then I watched it too. I'm female and that's same reaction I had when my brother's drunk friends would try to grope me. To like physically remove their hand and pretend like you wanna ask them something or change the subject or find an excuse to GTFO of there. Especially when I was younger, I didn't have the confidence to make a scene in public and tried to make it on the down low.

Video made me cringe a bit. If it was intentional or not no father should touch their daughter like that. Don't ever be feeling around their chest like that.

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Really young I can kinda understand, but she's 13 that's just creepy uncle touching.

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He was super emotional from the Ancient Hawaiian Ceremony that was taking place. It might give you some insight if you understand the context of what was happening prior to that. He is a father holding his loved ones close during a spiritual and emotional moment. Where is your Heart?

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I'm not buying it guys. This looks very innocent. Just a dad out with his totally non sexualized daughters for a tribal chant and dance.

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You're Right, these DumbAss MORONS making this out as anything else are SICK FUCKING ASSHOLES.

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You people are nuts trying to see what you want. He is NOT groping her. Get over your stupid selves.

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