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Illegal ALIENS, not illegal "immigrants".

They are invaders, as in....an invading force.

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"undocumented Americans" I believe is the Soros approved terminology

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"Kike filth" I believe is the voat-approved terminology

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When you post here, do not post/spread jew propaganda indoctrination terms, always correct it.

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The correct term would be "foreign invaders".

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"Criminal spic shitskins" is cognomen I prefer for them

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So many ways to do it. Pick one and do it

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It's better to just keep MSM busy with "what should I do" to justify keeping the government shut down, and just build it quietly all along

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If Trump wanted to build a wall he would have done it when Republicans had control of congress.

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However they didnt have control of 60 of the senate.

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You say that like party affiliation matters.

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I am puzzled by that

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It is insane that your government gives tax refunds to criminals that are at that moment evading the law.

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That's not a nice way to refer to Congress...

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How about Rand Paul's suggestion of paying for it with the forfeited funds taken from El Chappo?


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Legalize pot.

Take regulated tax dollars and build a double wall.



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The legalization of recreational drugs is a pacification to the population. While i dont think it should have ever been made illegal in the first place, i think that ended up putting a stigma on it and the real purpose and use of the plant has been lost. Id be willing to bet that if a bunch of farmers got together and started making the shit into straight fuel for your tank again then they would lock that shit back up quick fast in a hurry.

Also a drugged and medicated population is less likely to be any real threat of revolution than one that is not.

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