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That's the idea! Automatic ticketing / fines have got to go!

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Tolls too.

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"Christophe Castaner said the wilful damage was a threat to road safety and put lives in danger."

Taking a photo and mailing people a fine 2 weeks later will not improve safety. It is a money grab.

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These guys are doing alright. Now if they can move forward with ethnic cleansing and public execution of traitors they'll take it all the way!

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probably in a few months

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Looks like no one plans on moving on this, Macron was expecting the yellow vest to tire out but they're just getting started. If there is another major Snack bar incident then that could serve as the catalyst.

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Popcorn time when that happens. I'd be tempted to go there and participate. After all, the French did help Americans with our revolution way back when.

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I am not in favour of destroying property, but those speed cameras are not for people's protection (most often, and I believe in most countries, this is the case), they are a RACKET! So destroying them is a form of self-defense!

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Gonna have to murder cops families too, will work like a charm.

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Cops are deplorable. They better stay on the sidelines.

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Yah...they were supportive at first actually. Until Macron bought them off.

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I'm starting to love these guys!

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I'm starting to feel bad for laughing at all those anti-French jokes.

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60%.. that's barely a passing grade. Those are rookie numbers!

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