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This decision is a huge win for voters everywhere, and for the common-sense principle that the accuracy and reliability of our voting system is more important than shielding corporations from scrutiny.

Maybe. It depends on who is hired to do the forensics. If it is Crowd Strike then you can expect the votes to be rigged to the Left tighter than a snare drum.

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A simpler solution:

National picture voter ID card and link it to one social security number and one electronic Voat with one paper ballot. Number of voats must match number of IDs presented or election declared invalid.

Voater fraud legally deemed treason against the nation and punishable by death by hanging.

Those two moves would end voater fraud permanently.

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Your right, such simple ways to ensure a proper voat but they always seem to fumble it up. Its so obvious that they pretend to be incompetant but at the same time trustworthy lmfao ugh this show is getting,old

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WITH NO EXCEPTIONS. Most "voter id" laws allow exceptions to completely go around it

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Harsh punishment is not an effective deterrent. Criminals are already generally not the brightest people and lack impulse control. They convince themselves they won't get caught.

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This is big. This is really, really big.

Wisconsin law allows us to conduct a groundbreaking state-wide examination of the voting machine "source code"

Bet you $10 that the "source code" the manufacturer provides is squeaky-clean, but has never actually run on any of their machines. That's just Book-Cooking 101 -- you keep two sets of books, one that doesn't show any wrongdoing that you can show the Feds and one that has the real numbers in it. Hopefully the GP's lawyers are smart enough to have anticipated that kind of kikery.

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seize a voting machine from the field with a search warrant.

or ten of them perhaps.

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Technically speaking, search warrants are for criminal cases, and this is a civil matter, but I like where your head's at.

The magical piece of paper they're going to need is called a subpoena duces tecum. It's an order commanding a litigant to bring a certain physical thing--in this case a voting machine or ten--to court at a certain date and time. The problem with that is obvious, though: where's the chain of custody? Where is the guarantee that the machine is still in the same state it was on election day? Without those things, we're back to square one with the manufacturer pinky-swearing that it's legit. So you're right, the only way to ensure the manufacturer's honesty is to seize one of the machines unannounced, in the middle of an election, and decompile the code it's running. I haven't the faintest idea what lawful process might accomplish that, though.

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That won't get you the source code

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The only true source code is the machine code on the devices.

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Get a machine and rip the compile code out and analyse it.

Yes it is doable.

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TIL the green party actually does stuff.

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The voting machines are a red herring. The problem is democracy itself and letting literally any retarded asshole vote, including hundreds of millions of niggers, women, not-yet-caught criminals, the mentally ill or senile, fats, and leftists. When the voters are too stupid to know what is good for them, democracy enables tyranny.

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Hey (((fellow goys))) don't look here!

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This is a very important discussion to have, and a discussion that would risk to undermine the current democratic model.

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Nothing democratic about non-citizens voting or adjusted vote totals.

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Once upon a time, you had to be a landowner to vote.

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I figure people should have to pass a test to demonstrate they at least have an understanding of the structure of government and of the platforms of the candidates. Yes, it wouldn't eliminate all the idiots, but at least it would reduce them.

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Whoa! I wonder who is nervous about this..

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They really need to get bev harris of BlackBoxVoting involved in the process. She has dedicated her life to this, and is a resource that shouldn't be overlooked.

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Bev Harris should start her own version of the NRA for voting integrity

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The green party's top priority is social justice.

fuck them

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It will help us on the right also.

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Awesome! Thank you for this!

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