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That these guys aren't found dead all over goes to show how defeated and over a barrel they have people.

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..theyve managed to emasculate most men, the few that stand up are easy to deal with.

France is full of pussies. Theres no men left

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Same goes for America

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have you not been following the yellow vests? they do more than people in most other countries have done

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funny.. and sad that you think if someone high up said this in the us anything would happen. in fact im sure its already been said and similar stuff already been done. affirmative action? wellfare for illegals with higher share than citizens? billions sent to other countries while americans die of illness and homelessness? you gotta pay for education but dreamers dont?

you cucks are doing nothing about it yet think you're some kind of alpha chad.. lol ..

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That all makes sense. European genocide is the goal of the Green Party. They could couldn't care less about the environment hence the Muslim migration push.

Thanks for pro-tip from teniesonfloor!

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And by total cohencidence, the Green Party is siding with Macron.

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Lots of cohencidences.

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We have to deal with the enemies in our own race before we can deal with the invaders.

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He is Jewish.

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Every fucking time.

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Inconvenient fact fro the French Green party: Africa pollutes more than Europe.

So, making room for those migrants actually will make hte planet worse by your own metrics.

Facts will fuck your day up asshat.

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Africa, India, and China are the biggest polluters but somehow Whitey is to blame.

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“On the contrary. The rich countries, like France, are the first that need to decrease demographically. They are the ones with the most polluting lifestyles. Most of all, limiting our births would allow us to better receive the Muslim migrants who are knocking at our doors,”

He says because, obviously, Muslims like to live in huts and hate mass produced goods and shit.

Yes, it is a swill-shaker of two parts [hate for whitey] with a jigger of [bigotry-of-low-expectations] over arctic sea ice all mashed together inside the brain of that drunk bastard.

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as somebody who loves nature and is fascinated by arctic,seeing shitheads like these being promoted as 'environmentalists' makes me sad.

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Maybe, 30 years ago, they were sincere environmentalists just as the ACLU was once about the Bill of Rights and constraining government's encroachment on those rights. But today, the NeoMarxist/Cultural Marxist Left has infiltrated and taken over these organizations and parties. We see that process underway with the Democrat Party in the USA, in fact. Those members that remain either switch their opinions to this Marxist worldview or they were always inline with it and just kept their real opinions secret until now.

Millions of people still think that the Green Party is concerned with the environment. They even send donations. It is our job to inform them of just how awful this organization has become and about the Orwellian double speak these "Greens" are. Double that for the ACLU.

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The arctic will still be frozen long after your great grandkids have died from old age. Global warming is not a real thing.

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Since this is a description of what is actually happening was he being sarcastic?

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