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This phenomenon shows more of female psychology than any blogger ever could.

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And it's been going on since before the Internet was a thing.

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And we allowed these morons the right to Voat. Maybe we are the morons.

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yeah remember the Manson girls?
But Manson was a hero, his girls did kill Polanski's wife, too bad he was out of town that night or they would have got him too.

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Well, maybe the psychology of the women who wrote the letters. They're a very tiny fraction of the female population. Women in general probably aren't hybristophiles any more than men in general are pedophiles.

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Exactly, it's psychos like this give sane women a bad rap. It's mind boggling that some women can be so fucked up.

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"little known phenomenon" - indeed

anyways. they are trying to define the different reactions in some people when they are in love. lul, defining an emotion, gl hf bro.

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While I agree women are nuts, jodi arias got plenty of love letters herself.

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people been wronged since the moment of birth my dude, no wonder shits fucked up.

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There are a lot of good and bad things about female psychology but our society plays on the worst of it.

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I've got to be honest with you, I see a lot of the bad in female behavior, but I can't think of much good. Maybe 30 years ago women had some good in their female psychology, but that was poisoned by the feminist movement. If there are any good women left, they must be in hiding.

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thing is, their entire make up is focused on sex. they're taught this from an early age. i know this,and the machine is to blame.. from high heels to push their back in an arch to push their awesome asses out, facial make up to mimic arousal, and yoga pants to keep that awesomeness awesome. i am not complaining. just sayin, look at islam. polar opposite... fucking nuts.

how bout we meet in the middle bruh? haha

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Many (((TV))) commercials and shows have brainwashed many White women to mate with low IQ thug felon BLACK MEN!!!

Proof of mating are the half niglett thug spawn from single mothers the BLACK MEN sire and FLEE from.

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original : http://clutchmagonline.com/2015/10/study-claims-92-of-biracial-children-with-black-dads-are-born-out-of-wedlock/

Countless Sociology papers provoked creation of a recent documentary by the Black community, that Black men flee their kids, even if THE MOTHER IS BLACK. 72% if black mother :

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archived in case shoahed : http://archive.is/vDDPd

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DOI: 10.2139/ssrn.2625893

Ninety Two Percent: Examining the Birth Trends, Family Structure, Economic Standing, Paternal Relationships, and Emotional Stability of Biracial Children with African American Fathers

ref "Table 6" of that 2015 Science paper : https://docdro.id/YLByGx9

Except in EVERY television commercial, the worst fathers on earth are scientifically proven to be black as shown above.

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Women are delusional. A black thug spawn from Da'Trayvon knocks a white woman 7 full points out of 10 in dating value for long term commitment from a man with a job.

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Provably disgusting animals spreading their seed. Hundreds of years ago, few niglets would survive, but in white society we feed and raise and breed more of them!

Women are attracted to "asshole brutes" "negro felons" "destitute rock band drummers" "drug dealers" and...... INCARCERATED MURDERERS!

It is why women should not have the right to vote.

[–] the_one_you_see_last 5 points 6 points (+11|-5) ago  (edited ago)

That is simply not true. There is no need to brainwash women to act like this. You know, men are the experiment and women are the control group. Men vary far more widely on the scale of ability and intellect, while women represent a much tighter and smaller spread pattern. This is why there are many examples of male genius,but few examples of female genius.


Feminism would have you believe this is because the female geniuses were passed over for being women, and continue to be to this day due to "systemic racism". but this is not the case. They invent unnamed and unremarked upon genius to cover up the fact that said genius was never there to begin with. Systemic racism quite literally exists as a concept solely to plug a hole in the logical inconsistency with women still lacking in ability and intelligence even today, with rampant feminism and Affirmative Action. It is an invented conspiracy to avoid having to adress the fact that their theory did not pan out when executed in reality.


Men are possessed of greater heights of intelligence, but are also cursed with deeper valleys of stupidity and incompetence. Women, by contrast, are deficient on genius outliers, but by the same token are spared being direly stupid. Men are very different from each other, in other words, while most women are relatively the same. Men are variables in the human experiment. Women are the control group.


Because natural selection, the most stupid among men are weeded out over time. Only the strongest, most intelligent and most cunning men had the chance to breed. This means that over time, men have shifted farther towards their upper outlier edge. Women, by contrast, have remained approximately static, since in civilized society, all women have a relatively decent chance of breedingm and they are not selected for intelligence.Most likely, men and women were very similar in terms of intelligence and strength in the beginning. Over time,men have become larger, stronger and smarter, while women hae not. Sexual dimorphism does not happen in a vacuum. It occurs for a reason. This is the reason for ours.


You said that you do not understand how this works that women are attracted to assholes and brutes and alike.Because of sexual selection, men have advanced, while women have not. That is the issue here. Men were selected overwhelmingly for positive traits. Women were hardly selected at all. Thus, the modern man is quite different from ancient man in terms of size, intellect, overall health and ability, while modern woman is functionally the same in mind, body and instinct to a primitive woman. This is why sexual liberation is the death knell of every civilization embracing it.


This is hardly the first time it occured.Feministst pretend that is has never happened before, and claim t ohave been opressed by powerful patriarchal forces since the dawn of time. This is patently untrue.Total egalitarianism, democratic suffrage, and female sexual empowerment has happened many times before.The reason there are no great feminist civilizations is not because male opression prevented them, but because female liberation destroyed them.They adopted ideological feminism, and then collapsed or were conquered by others within a few scant generations.If women were truly the intellectual and ethical equals of men, this would not be the case.There would be many examples of feminist civilizations. Instead, there are none.


This is the smoking gun that feminists and egalitarians refuse to acknowledge.They invenct concepts and conspiracies like the Patriarchy and systemic "isms" to ignore what is plain to see.The only feminist culture on Earth is the on in South Africa, where men are controlled almost utterly by their women, and there you can see the wages of it. Even what scant intelligence the Negro naturally has is opressed in his home enviroment by the rule of women who are, by definition, more incopmetent than he. When women were allowed to let their insticts (i.e. their feelings) decide for them, they choose sociopaths,murderers, brutes and thugs.The instincts of a cavewoman will inevitably choose cavemen.


Thus, society and the human species regresses instead of progressing.

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Though all you wrote is correct according to sex selection and evolution, I still maintain a PART of white women risking getting raped, killed, abused by blacks is because on every (((TV))) commercial the helpful smart black man is helping whitey.

(((TV))) desensitizes white women to realities of most black men. My statistics I posted above show the WORST man to ever mate with is a BLACK MAN, even if you are a BLACK WOMAN. (72% of black women have the black men abandon them and the kid).

But every word you wrote is correct, except denial of (((TV))) being part of the problem.

[–] Pattern_Blind 3 points 3 points (+6|-3) ago 

You cast Wall of Text

Critical Hit!

My eyes are bleeding!

No matter how smart your words are with out paragraphs, it comes across as a manic diatribe that you were too spun up to put breaks in.

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That's cool. But I think Sweden is a feminist culture.

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Because of sexual selection, men have advanced, while women have not.

Would females not inherit advantageous mutations from their fathers? They do, in fact, when they do they tend to lose attraction to men. Since it takes both men an women to reproduce, butch lesbian genes tend not to spread in the population.

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Evolution ordains attraction, it isn't a choice. You couldn't decide to find tubby Eskimo chicks hot. It doesn't work that way.

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Actually , as shown in inventories of pornography, both magazines, web sites, video dvds, etc.... EVERY type of woman has a section of men that either seeks them out specifically as a near fetish, or treats it as a non-difference.

There are even many ranges of fat lovers at every BMI.

In most of animal kingdom females do ALL the true selecting, not males, and even in primates this is semi so, except for the species of primate that features RAPE, complete with rape forearms on men, and rape grips (hips) on women.


Female humans have some defenses at men using rape to force selection, but they are mainly the fact that only 1 in 100 random sex events ever result in pregnancy. 1%. So a rapist would need to rape many people often, or a select target often to force male will over mating selection. Females in a group also sync their periods to force all females to be less fertile at the same time in a tribe. many other mechanisms to mildly thwart rape. In the mean time... the male forearms and female hips for gripping are testimony of millions of years of rape bending evolution.

And you are right.... the men are born that way................ to find tubby eskimo women hot

In your stated situation of those who found "tubby Eskimo chicks hot" it would be an asian fetishizing male, with a co fetish of semi-obesity, an "asian BBW" chaser. Probably only 2% of men, with half a percent strongly seeking. But a person could not decide to pick up a fetish.

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In the depths of heat, women are way more perverted than men.

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There's some crazy bitches out there. Be careful who you stick your dick in goats.

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NEVER stick your dick in crazy.

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What if crazy blackmails you with suicide?

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this is very common and has been going on forever. women are clearly turned on by violent men, which they OF COURSE will never admit.

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Just one more example of why women should not be allowed to vote, or hold public office.

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Women are strange creatures.

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They want to be gang banged by 12 guys who killed the other 82, and they want the baby of the one with the biggest dick which scoops out the semen of the other men.

They also want resources and protection, but that's what you're for. You're her slave she pity fucks while she fantasizes that Dracula, Pirates of the Caribbean, Avengers, the world's best surgeon, richest billionaires, winners of the Superbowl, and all around tallest strongest men fight to the death to gangbang her.

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Women want to fix men. This guys the ultimate fixer upper.

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When the fixing doesn’t work they fuck your friends and steal all your stuff before leaving.

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