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What an outrageous lie. The primary duty of education lies with the parents, not the state.

This is what happens when you make the state your god. They can make all kinds of claims of authority over you that they don't have.

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This is what happens when you make the state your god.

This is what happens when you are conquered by The Allies [of the Jews], and condemned to have your progeny indoctrinated into hating you, their own history, and therefore themselves, in perpetuity, until finally they are driven into eradicating themselves, if only to end their suffering.

Exhibit A: https://hooktube.com/watch?v=CCdyGLCXz_4&start=2802 (jump to 46:42, or even more specifically 48:30)

Exhibit B: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Denazification

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This is what happens when you give up your guns.

Fixed that for you.

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You can actually own and buy guns in Germany, it's just relatively expensive and requires jumping through a lot of hoops. But it's entirely feasible if you're willing to invest a grand or two and a solid chunk of time and effort. Besides, bows and crossbows are completely unregulated. You can make them yourself, in any case, and they are as lethal as ever.

Thing is: Having weapons doesn't do you any good if you lack the conviction and determination required to use them to do what you must. And that's no different in America. Guns and ammunition are readily available (for now). But when are they ever used to achieve political goals? Only ever by Leftists, traitors and nutjobs. Why?

Our prisons aren't made of bars, or chains, or paragraphs in a law book. Our fetters are made of guilt and doubt and cowardice. We value individual selves too much, and our kinsfolk too little. And so we are doomed. To live in prisons of our mind.

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That's a very rude username you have there, I hope you use it responsibly.

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Germany committed social suicide over war guilt from WWII. At some level, they decided that they should go extinct. Never again, amirite? So of course that also means children cannot be taught anything but what the state deems safe...can’t have them thinking for themselves, can we?

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My son has been red-pilling a young (32) German lady he met whilst travelling. She said German history at school comprised of simply two distinct periods: 1/ Roman times when Germans were considered barbarians 2/ the Nazi cunt period.

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Well the crazy thing is that the implications of the ruling means it could potentially be applied EU-wide.

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We should sponsor German parents as political refugees. When the USSR came down I became penpals with a Russian mother through an address I found in the newspaper. You sent a letter and it was forwarded to a random Russian, you specified gender preference.

I wanted to offer the mother a place to stay so she could visit America. My husband was adamantly opposed, so I never got to meet her, but she was a scientist who spoke several languages, so I felt it was a missed opportunity on my part. I've always been curious about Russia. The poor woman was divorced with an 8 year old daughter, but she, her daughter, and her ex-husband were living in a tiny apartment because the government could not or would not allow either adult to move into a separate living space. That was around 1990. Hope life is better for the Russe today.

Could we do something similar to sponsor German parents who would leave Deutschland to homeschool their children? Does anyone have experience with immigration laws and regulations? Is there a way to do a Go Fund Me or help them find jobs?

I dont know much about this type of thing but there MUST be something regular people can do to help fellow Europeans.

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I think this particular family applied for political asylum in the US and the Obama administration rejected them.

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Shit like this is what created the USA in the first place. So far we do still have the right to homeschool.

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Many districts have taken it upon themselves to make it VERY difficult to.

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Do what I've done for more than a decade. Don't register you r children with a school board.

They have no idea your children exist, until you tell them.

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It might help having a large Amish population in your state.

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"You have no right to your children. Pay your taxes and enjoy your big screen."

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And coversely, your children have no right to you. Only the state has those rights.

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I want this ride to end already

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You want Nazis? Cuz this is how you get Nazis! Germany you are the reason we can never have nice things! :P

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No, this is how you get commies. The parents are too old to fight and the kids will be indoctrinated.

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Some kids will be indoctrinated. But kids are known to rebel against authority. Some of them will definitely become 'nazi'.

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I want Nazis

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This is not the place I thought I would find Socialists. You don't have to get into that to fight communism, that is my point.

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cough It was Nazi Germany that banned home schooling, but lets not allow that slow the circle jerk here

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A widespread lie, as most are all too eager to believe it without verifying.

It was the Weimar Republic that introduced compulsory school attendance ("allgemeine Schulpflicht") in it's constitution, drafted by one (((Hugo Preuss))), taking effect 11 August 1919, long before Hitler had any power or say in the matter.

Hitler did not abolish this, and also thought that uniform education was important for national unity, building on the Prussian model. But he was not the one to introduce it.

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So both extremes ban homeschooling to force their propaganda on the developing minds? Shocking. Maybe the commies in charge need to be reminded they are using "literally Nazi" tactics.

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They're out to destroy every potential source of liberty.

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You have no right to not take part in the mass indoctrination.

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they don't want any kids skipping the liberal indoctrination program.

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It'd help a little if you named the Jew, instead of playing along with their attempts to disguise their beaks.

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(((they))) don't want any white children skipping the Zionist indoctrination program.

God forbid that a child thinks higher of their parents than the state!

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This is the communist state.

The fools still think communist leaders do the killing of communism and the fault lies only in who their communist leaders are.

It's a disease. The killing is done by the people. It's always the same. There's no financial or social or cultural need to communism so white genocide is the point of necessity for communism. Denial is going to kill a lot of stupid people.

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