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Hey tom, you on desk duty today? Here wear this, "wink wink."


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I do not work in law enforcement and therefore do not understand the intricacies, but my understanding is that no officer would be able to have the knowledge of whether or not they had one. Which is how the Panopticon works. I honestly can't believe that so many people don't know the philosophy of the Panopticon. Just look it up.


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My joke is meant to point out that while this system may work when you have two groups with opposite goals and views (Prisoners & Inmates) it relies on someone controlling the system and making choices. It's not going to be truly random. If that person is friends with police officers, in the same union, or received contributions from said union, then the system will be co-opted and used against the people.

With body cams when they say they don't have footage it means that either A) they are lying sacks of shit, or B) They turned off the camera or broke it intentionally because they are sacks of shit. So either way if they don't have footage they can be lambasted and correctly so.

If we used the Panopticon they would circumvent the system and always say, "Welp, we're out of luck, he wasn't under surveillance at the time.