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It actually depends. Our county jail is in the process of upgrading their jail and part of the upgrade is to install cameras in the cells. The higher risk cells have had them for years because that is where they put people who are suicidal, or where they believe the person is at risk of injuring themselves so they can file a lawsuit against the Sheriff's department.

But yes, to your main point, there are cameras on the outside of the cell doors facing the doors and throughout the jail. You'll be able to know if someone visited during the suicide or if she was alone.

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Lol, so many bullshit "facts" people make up and post on here.

  • There are cameras and they are always on. Always.
  • The cameras that monitor the general areas outside cells and halls are different from cameras that monitor in the cells.
  • The cameras that monitor inside cells are typically monitored by a civilian working at the police station and are recorded and documented 24/7

Having worked for police previously (as a civilian contractor) I can tell you that there is a lot more accountability, and a lot less "blue line" privilege than people think there is. They are still people and they will still report each other to get advancement etc. and all the other shitty things people do in normal workplaces.

It's not like some giant brotherhood conspiracy out to kill civilians and protect each other 100%, people inside "the force" bicker and hate each other just as much as you hate sandy the temp who fucks up the mail all the time too.

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Are you one of those DoD guys getting paid to defend cops in online forums? Someone who was working against police brutality died while on police custody, don't you think cops should be extra careful when handling people like them?


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Ahh, glorious astroturf.