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It's hardly relevant what kind of shit she was spewing on FB. You should be able to put forward any kind of silly views without fearing the police suiciding you. To quote Tony Stark: "Historically, not awesome."


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#thugs #animals #savages That woman was as racist as any confederate flag flying redneck. It certainly does not help her case.

That said, my allowance for police fuckery is spent so I can't believe anything they say either. We have two very untrustworthy sides to this story.


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Ok so her position is that whites have the highest number of aggravated assaults, larceny, arson, etc. That may be strictly true on the aggregate, but only because there are more whites than blacks. The US is 77% white, 13% black. So look at this chart. Every column has whites as <77% of the crimes and black >13% of the crimes. That proves right there that per capita blacks are more of a problem. It's not racism. It's fucking math. Hell even 52% of the murders are caused by 13% of the population!

All that withstanding, and her being incorrect, I still don't trust a single word that the cops say. They've suicided people for less.


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We're in the realm of lies, damned lies and statistics, now. There's no real way to tell what the true crime number are. Crime > Arrest > Conviction. Where do the numbers come from in that chain? If you look strictly at the FBI numbers they're ARREST numbers and, are all self reported by local police departments. Some departments don't report at all. Who knows what standards the ones that voluntarily report are using?

ALso, just look at Eric Garner's 31 arrests. Shit like that really skews the numbers. Arrested 31 times for bullshit like possessing personal use amounts of weed, several arrests for cigarettes, traffic stuff, etc. That man was constantly being harassed and hauled in by the cops for petty, tickable offenses. To what end? Likely they knew he was an easy pickup and could use him to make quotas. Or maybe they were just dicks and wanted to give him shit over the kinds of stuff I have done and never once been arrested for. But I'm white though. How many Eric Garners are there out there with 30-40 bullshit arrests, making those numbers look so bad?

I do wish, though that they separated the numbers by socioeconomic data. My gut tells me that impoverished whites are just as likely to commit crimes as impoverished blacks. They're probably as likely to be arrested. It just so happens that, as percentages of populations go, blacks are far more likely to be impoverished and that skews the numbers hard.

The conviction numbers are likely skewed even harder. Blacks are more likely to have to rely on public defenders because they are more likely to be poor. That means they are more likely to face conviction and take plea bargains as well because most can't afford their own legal defense.

Blacks are more likely to be profiled, more likely to be shot than whites under similar conditions, more likely to be convicted under similar conditions, more likely to be injured, serve longer sentences for same level crimes, etc. Face it, America's black community is getting fucked every step along the way.


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That proves right there that per capita blacks are more of a problem.

This isn't a true statement at all, what is true is that cops patrol majority black neighborhoods with a much much higher frequency that white neighborhoods, cops pull over black people more often, cops specifically go after black people and arrest them more often with more charges than white people, prosecutors hit black people with more time than white people, judges give black people many more years in jail than whites. White people get few charges, less time, better plea deals, and just plain get arrested less than black people when they are committing the same amount of crimes and the same types of crime.


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She cannot refute or reply. Please do not attack her believes, she is DEAD.

Her video made me cry, cause it's probably that way of thinking that killed her (by the hands of the oppressors)


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Per capita is racist as fuck in this instance. Whites commit more crime PERIOD. We don't police people by race, but by criminality.

Both you and her are both stupid racists twisting numbers to fit your own agendas.


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Yup. This is typical of the media. Smear attacks against the victim to justify the state's actions.


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She could be a member of Westboro Baptist Church for all it matters. It does not justify what could have happened while she was arrested.

Everytime someone gets killed by LEO under questionable circumstances, then any previous criminal history or other questionable circumstance comes out and their character gets challenged. If it had something to do with that incident or not.

You are part of the problem.