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Also audible in the footage is an officer telling the witness recording the assault to leave.

Cops need top stop doing this. If they aren't doing anything wrong, then there is no reason why they shouldn't be able to be recorded. If I was a cop, I would want people to record me so that it can be documented that I behave properly. Asking people to leave, threatening them or taking their camera fuels police brutality and cover up theories until they bubble over and all hell breaks loose.


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Agreed. If a police officer isn't being recorded, then as far as I'm concerned, they shouldn't be regarded as acting in their official capacity as a police officer.


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I agree 100%. If the camera isn't on, then no immunity, and the PO is treated like any other citizen. That'll motivate them.

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we should get an AMA with a cop so we can see why they have to do that and then maybe we can start a petition and do something good.


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An honest cop wears a body cam.
A cop not wearing a body cam isn't honest.
Plain and simple.


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The city where I live is working on an initiative to place body cameras on police uniforms, but they will not be on all of them. They will be randomized so that officers will never know if their actions are being recorded or not. Essentially, it will function in the same manner as the Panopticon.


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but they will not be on all of them. They will be randomized so that officers will never know if their actions are being recorded or not

They won't be on all the time or won't be on all of the uniforms? I think if you were wearing one of them it'd be pretty obvious.


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This is a bad idea. It allows the officers to present only the evidence that shows them in a good light, and delete the video that shows misconduct. It seems like something designed to allow the cops to manipulate perceptions.


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But doesn't that leave a vulnerability, who decides when the camera is on? Is it controlled by a computer? Who has access to the computer? Was it truly random chance that this police shooting wasn't filmed, or was it manipulated to cover up for a murder?


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Hey tom, you on desk duty today? Here wear this, "wink wink."


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That's not the issue. The issue is that the police put him in jail with the intent to execute him. And they did it, and got away with it. This is not the first time at all, this is a growing trend:

They follow the victim that they want to execute for political reasons, as this person is having some kind of negative impact on their (corrupt) career. They arrest them over the smallest and even made up infraction. Then they murder them in the jail the next night.

The police need to be prosecuted and brought to justice. Not doing so is causing the police to execute people like some kind of fucked up North Korean secret police execution squad.


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You example is poor. Prison video was released showing Hewett instigated a fight with guards that led to his tasing and restraint. He was then locked in his cell and found to be in cardiac arrest during the second welfare check. Basically, fat guy goes nuts, gets in a tussle, has a heart attack. That is not exactly a very achievable MO for an execution.


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A good buddy of mine, someone I've known since 1996 is a cop. His grandfather was a cop, his father was a cop, and now he and his brother are cops. After the shooting of the guy running away from the cop (the one where the cop placed the taser and lied..South Carolina?).. I asked my friend:

"What percent of cops do you think are actually good cops?"

Him: 10%

Me: Are you in the 10%?

Him: No, I have my fair share of dirt on me

Him: The 10% that are good cops, aren't useful cops, they are doing their job

strange reply and stranger way to look at it all.