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Oh yeah, she's dead if lucky. If not, she's strung up in some war camp as a rape-slave.

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They're like Reavers, they'll kill you, rape you and eat you.... in that order if you're lucky

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Hours and hours and hours... ha ha I miss firefly. Inara. Whew. The one with the mudders was the best.

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no, no, no, they can go screaming in to hell with the knowledge they were DEAD wrong.

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The skinners from Red Dead 2

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If a dumb lefty bitch is going to get herself killed I say -- Let her do it. We don't need her mind-virus or stupid genetics fucking up the gene pool.

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Implying she wouldnt abort evrytime just to virtue signal.

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Mind-virus... Good way to put it.

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Nah, look at her, not even 60IQ savages that fuck goats would use that more than in one gang rape.

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Darwin award for her. Weeded out of the gene pool by savages, due to her irrational compassion for others.

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men don't get a dick pass? He's okay, is he?

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He probably made a buck selling her somewhere.

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fuck they actually have a use it seems

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I think you could argue that the Canadian government's description of the threats faced in Burkina Faso are not really accurate. Terrorism would imply a threat of violence that is unusual and out of the ordinary. In this case, the threat of being raped and murdered is pretty normal (especially for foreigners).

Maybe the warning should have been "Vibrancy"

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Aaaaaannnnnndddddd, nothing of value was lost.

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Too early to tell. Maybe there is a video....kek.

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Don't know why anyone downvoted you, that's funny as fuck regarding the 2 scandinavian women in morocco the other week. People nowadays have no sense of humor.

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She dead.

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Or she's being kept as a sex slave.

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her absolute fantasy,

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A sex slave for necromancers.

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dead, raped & dismembered... darwin.

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So the Italians guy is okay and he'll be home soon because he gets a dick pass?

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No,he was probably murdered. Or ran like hell.

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Open pic, see dreadlocks, automatically no sympathy for her.

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heyya, moishie? how be ye?

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The weather in Tel Aviv is excellent today.

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Why are White women so clueless and stupid?

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She had an Italian man with her. What is his excuse?

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Men are expected to perform risky acts to weed out low-quality genes. Whoever survives might be a worthy mate for you guys. But taking a woman along to an African Red Zone may be a symptom of retardation. He has no excuse.

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What is his excuse?

He's probably just some nigger that moved to Italy

Edit: Nevermind he's just a soyboy. He's probably dead too, idk why you seem butthurt about it.

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(((TV))) commercials show all the Black men and muslim men wearing sweater vests and playing with their kids, helping whitey with Whiteys clueless problems, and driving to the men's brain surgeon jobs in luxury cars.

Women fall for that, and women vote for open borders and destruction of civilization

Why do (((they))) program the impressionable empathetic white women?

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I’d ask how stupid this woman was and why women keep doing things like this at all, but then I remember girls I used to run into in hostels. Western females have NO IDEA what the world is really like.

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