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I read an article here where a woman traded her POS revolver in at Baltimore’s buyback so she could afford something better.

These gun grabbers are sooooo stupid.

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I saw another one about a guy who sold two shotguns made from plumber's pipe and pine planks. He didn't want to buy a gun, he just figured the money was better in his pocket than theirs.

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That guy was playing with fire, because the pipes were not long enough to be safe from the ATF. Make sure the barrel length (pipe) meets the minimum required for a shotgun.

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Effectively an extra tax refund, lol

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Lets face it: The gun buyback is the stupidest thing ever cooked up by government assholes ever. Nigger breaks in your house, steals guns, takes them downtown and pOlice buy them back no questions asked. Genius. Safer than a pawn shop and probably pays more than your homie on the street corner. Yeah, what could go wrong?

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That's exactly what they want. Fewer law-abiding gun owners.

Whether you gave it to the police or had it stolen, the politicians don't care. Either way they're less afraid of you now that you're an unarmed slave.

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Don't forget you can cap some of those who crossed you before selling it, still no questions asked because black on black.

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I'm thinking of the police got guns away from.real Patriots in your situation, then the higher ups feel that it was a success. I'm 100% confident this program is not about disarming criminals but instead disarming the real Patriots and possible difficult citizens in the event of a civil war or revolution...

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Feeds the cycle tho. But is still better than them having them money to throw at a politician .

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I hope they start this shit in my area. I've got a full shop at my disposal, I can crank out 50 barely functional pieces of shit for cheap no problem. Come on retards, daddy needs a new... everything.

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I like you.

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Hah, gaaaaay!

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LOL, that is genius. Like barely tapped barrels with physical obstructions, cosmetic machining to imply functionality but its just a hunk of shit. Please do, I'd be amused as fuck.

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Yeah, it kinda depends on the particulars of what they'd accept. If they gotta look like guns we can make that happen. If they have to legally be considered firearms, we can make that happen too. You'd be amazed at how easy and shit becomes in manufacturing when you throw all pretense of quality out the window.

Hell, I bet I could just pop some of those one-bangers off the ol' 3d printer and we're good to go.

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Should just make a cast mold of an AR and melt down all the shit scrap metal one can find. The idiots probably won't be able to tell (or won't care) that they aren't functional.

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Remember to put some halfassed pickatinny rails on it and spray it black!

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Oh shit, that'd make it "assault" that's scary man!

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They honestly probably dont even need to be functional. They end up with demilled weapons all the time.

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Well if they don't even need to be functional I can bring a bag of chips and make thousands off their silly program.

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And yet for some reason, even though I’ve worked probably 50 of these damn programs, I have yet to see a felon walk in and say, “you know what? Lemme get a Walmart card for this .40 I stole from my boy.”

This guy has a future in comedy.

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This is why they stopped doing buybacks. Everyone would just bring in a pipe taped to a 2x4. This x4 or whatever the max turn in for cash is. Easy 400 bucks.

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It's Judo. He used his enemies strengths against them.

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Wonder how many criminals saw the error of their ways through this buy back BS and turned in their Glocks for a few bucks?

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