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Ask the Judge how many they'll be letting into their mansion.

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Probably zero.

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That's how many fucks I have.

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Is this where we go?

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Sometimes it is better to just walk away from things and go back to them later when you’re in a better frame of mind.

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Don't go there right now, or ever.

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I was very proud of my nickname throughout high school but today - I couldn’t be any different to what my nickname was.

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Don't just do that.

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This is really a lot.

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Do this all now and run.

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Okay dat.

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is there any part of this Gov. that is not corrupt ??? ginsberg is on death bed and still don't care about the future of this country,have a fast trip to HELL. because you made HELL here.

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Go ahead and bury RBG. We know she's dead. Get Amy Barrett confirmed. The SCOTUS shitshow has to end.

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All 5 that voted to allow this need to be dragged into the streets of washington and hanged from the nearest street lamp. We need to take our country back and it starts with these traitorous judges. Hang them all until they're fucking dead.

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Can someone put something in fucking Ginsberg's IV yet? Someone should raise a challenge to her competence. No way on all the medication she is on for a recent surgery and broken ribs would she be able to drive much less should be allowed to destroy the nation.

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Agreed, but dont lose hope!!

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His contorted argument for Obamacare was the giveaway: Deep State has some serious compromising information on the batchelor Justice Roberts.

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Roberts went against "party loyalty" on the ACA? Uh... judges are supposed to uphold the law, not just be party hacks. At least you're honest about caring more about your side winning than you care about the rule of law.

The Trump administration's policy was pretty clearly illegal. The administration required that refugees apply for asylum only at ports of entry. But the law specifically says an alien can apply for asylum anywhere, "whether or not at a designated port of arrival." See 8 USC 1158 https://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/8/1158

You can read the 9th Circuit's decision, which was written by an extremely conservative judge http://cdn.ca9.uscourts.gov/datastore/general/2018/12/07/18-17274%20order.pdf

Or this brief from various Republican lawyers: https://www.supremecourt.gov/DocketPDF/18/18A615/76374/20181217101209605_18A-615%20Amicus%20Brief%20of%20Peter%20Keisler%20et%20al_.pdf

The president doesn't get to just override the law. That's not how the Constitution works. And the DC District Court decision by Judge Sullivan (that "Afro-American- Affirmative-Action judge" lol, you racist dumbfuck) was about a separate asylum policy. That overruled a Jeff Sessions decision that effectively blocked asylum claims by people fleeing domestic abuse or gang violence. You can read that decision here: https://ecf.dcd.uscourts.gov/cgi-bin/show_public_doc?2018cv1853-106

The president doesn't get to just ignore the Supreme Court, despite your boner for Andrew Jackson. We live in a nation of laws. Trump is the president, not a dictator. Obama didn't get to ignore the courts when they ruled against him on DAPA or other issues and neither does Trump. That's the system we have under the Constitution. You're free to move to Russia or whatever if you'd rather masturbate to some strong-armed authoritarian thug who is above the law.

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thanks for that kike... as if the deep state obeys the law ever by the way.

another note...is ginsburg actually really alive? because i doubt it

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The above poster (you replied to) is one that needs to hang from the gallows. Disgusting.

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So you realize that this decision only makes the wall a necessity now. If they cannot be thrown back once they are in then they must be prevented from coming in at all.

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You realize asylum is fairly rare, right? Not everyone is eligible. You have to convince a judge you have a credible fear of persecution in your home country. Basically every country in the world has some kind of asylum process.

And I'm not sure what you mean by necessity anyway. With Democrats taking control of the House hard for me to see how the wall ever gets done now.

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personal attacks, name calling

Which means I'm not reading your shill garbage.

You subversive kikes and your liberal minions are truly the cancer of this country. The day of the rope will come for you, as it always has. What a despicable tribe. Nothing but shit comes out of your mouths.

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I'm a little confused about your policy on personal attacks and name calling. I did, admittedly, call OP a "racist dumbfuck" but I also made some actual arguments and cited my sources. You, on the other hand, called me a "subversive kike" and said I should die, but didn't actually make any kind of coherent argument. So name-calling is only ok if you do it but not if I do it?

I don't think a Jewish cabal runs the world. But given the choice between some well-educated Jews and a bunch of inbred illiterate yokels, I would take the Jews every time.

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