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Ted Kennedy WAS evil, but it's more than just Ted. I've been watching a lot of videos about hidden history. I really think everything we know is based on lies. We should not, as much as I hated Ted Kennedy and LBJ - and Nixon and Kissinger - and as much as I agree with your statement, we should not be looking at mainstream history for our answers. We need to find our own answers. We need to piece everything together before we are forced to bow down to the owl. There are a lot of smart people trying to figure it out. AND I BELIEVE THAT SOMEONE WHO KNOWS A FEW OF THE ANSWERS IS LEAKING THINGS ON VIDEOS.

Here are some things to look up. I just ran into these "mud flood" and "tartaria" ideas the other day. Start with these keywords and more things of interest may pop up in your feed. I am positive someone is leaking things, although I don't know which side the leaker is on. It may all be bullshit, but the more of us who put our heads together, the more easily we can point out the holes in the bad theories and talk up the good, sound, plausible theories. Try these keywords in YT. I'm not saying this stuff is true, but what the hell do we have to lose by pondering what the conspiracy boys are saying?

  • TheCrowHouse or the crow house. This guy in OZ has a radio show. He is interesting. Notice the same style of architecture on every continent (if I've linked to the right video).

  • Tartaria. Not sure if this is the video where the guy is walking around Moscow, but if it is, I think it's worth watching. See what else you can find with the keywords mud flood.

  • Mud Flood

  • Lucid Dreamer (a person). I just picked this at random because it popped up in a search. I'm not sure I've even heard this recording.

  • Dauntless Dialogue (if he's talking about Arthur). The speaker drones on and on, but I like to hear what his source says. I picked this at random because the title mentions Arthur.

  • Benjamin Fulford. Most of his videos are robovoice. If you hate that, try his website. Fulford used to work at Forbes and he may be full of shit, but he's just repeating what his sources tell him.

And see what pops up alongside these videos. Again, I don't know if these people are legit or Mossad or just plain crazy, but I know for sure you won't get any info on most other sites. The important thing is to see what other videos pop up on the same page or just browse the keywords.


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Sounds interesting. Thanks!