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[–] ALIENS2222 0 points 5 points (+5|-0) ago  (edited ago) Here is one possibility. These guys are trying to get a ton of like-minded whites to come to the PNW then make an army and secede. Pretty interesting idea and they have a good lookin' flag. Probably end up on a list if you join but that may be a list you would WANT to be on before you know it. Anyway, the PNW is awesome. Would be nice to outnumber the faggots and queers in Portland some time. Looks like you probably like them though from the look of the subs you got on your name.

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At least you won't die in chehalis. It could be worse my native washingtonian friend.


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Yup, Pretty much. I am behind the wire in the Willamette Valley. Same exact story. limousine liberals with money and no clue how they are ruining the world and methed up local boys who never had a chance in hell at a life. Women are the worst out here. Fat, stupid, butch, drugged up, nigger fuckers. I pity any young man out here. I stay because I like my land and I like the climate and someone has to not run away any more. Someone has to stay.


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If you want to start your "white" nation, please do not come to the PNW. We aren't interested in your radical ideology. Well, maybe in Idaho, they are. So, if you want to stop in Idaho and spout that nonsense, go ahead. You will have a receptive audience. But, farther west than that, you will be hard pressed to find an audience willing to listen.


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Welcome to Voat faggot. You think you are a Q researcher? You are going to have a bad time. Notice that I never claimed that I WANTED TO DO THOSE THINGS. In fact I don't think you even read and understood my post in its context nor understood it. My post was a thinly veiled attempt to get OP on a list if he was stupid enough to fall for it. The funny thing is that I never got a response from him if memory serves but YOU FELL FOR IT. ha ha. What this response is is what is known as a dog-whistle. I whistled and you came a-runnin! Good boy. Did you look at the subs on his name and compare it? Of course not you have been on Voat for a week. I know, I know... but your account is new as well. Yes.. THIS account is new. It is my 8th Voat account actually. I came here a few months before The Great Ellen Pao Migration. Look that one up in Voat lore and you will get some idea of when that was ... but I digress.

So let me give you a quick rundown: Jews are evil... Niggers are a massive problem here in the 'states and in the world. Their populaitons have been swelled beyond madness in the last 3 generations by bleeding resources from white nations and pumping them into black ones swelling their populaitons far beyond their natural carrying capacity. Why you ask? Why would you want billions of starving niggers? Well, they are wonderful if you want to wipe white nations from the face of the earth and replace them with useless stupid black slaves and useless stupid mexican slaves... Gee, I wonder what has been going on in Europe recently? I wonder why there is so much pushback against the wall?? Ha ha ha.

So you think you are 'woke because you read a few Q posts on Twatter and now are in the "horribly dark and dangerous right wing website called VOAT" You are so special... Its funny, How did I pick you out as a noob immediately? It is because Voat is a FREEDOM OF SPEECH PLATFORM... You know.. ONE THAT DOES NOT CENSOR YOUR SPEECH... What is the very first thing you said in this response? You demanded that I cease to speak of things that I believe in.

So lets see how close to the mark I can get. You live on the west coast. Definitely not California. Instead you live in Oregon or Washington. You have not spent a lot of time east of the cascades though. Had you done so you would know that nearly all of Eastern Oregon (minus Bend which is full of queers and faggots) is a whole massive pile of racist white guys who hate mexicans and niggers. Yeah, thats 80% of the land in the state. OH! Same with all of Southern Oregon as well minus Ashland. So if you are in Oregon then YOU LIVE IN THE VALLEY! Ding Ding! The land of faggots, queers and environmentalists.

If not there then you live in Washington west of the Cascades. Another small urban part of the state that is quickly falling to the mexicans and niggers. Here is question for you... Why did Q choose the 2 most racist fag hating nigger hating websites on the internet this side of the dark web? Hmmm... I wonder? Why Why Why? Why would Q want hundreds of thousands of people like YOU being shoved forcefully into places like VOAT???

Trump and Q can't come out and say they want to gas the kikes or hang the niggers. They can't because it is bad optics. Its just too easy to attack them with a dog whistle and millions of faggots like you will swarm there like you were programmed to in your NPC training. No... They can't say it but I CAN and they put your stupid ass here in front of me so you are forced to face reality.

Niggers account for nearly all violent crime in the US The deep state is attempting to eradicate all majority white nations and replace them with far lower IQ people who are better slaves and less of a risk. The jews control all of the FAKE NEWS MEDIA that Trump talks shit about. HE can't say it but I can. The Jews control the entrance points into every single Ivy league school in the US. If you want to go to a good college you better be a jew. Look at the percentage of Jews in Harvard law? Really... Go look at it..

You were brought here to be redpilled on the jews and the niggers and the mexicans and the deepstate. Its REAL and you need to WAKE UP.


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