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We need to make a movement, to better ourselves. Reading material, future plans, etc. Civil war is coming soon, this country is filled with traitors, and we need to be ready for the bloodshed.

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if only we got smart and had information.

Well, start learning how to get information. Or find some people who can gather information and tell them what kind of information you need.


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I've been working on an idea of starting a movement to get people motivated, improving, and ready to fight the left and the traitors. Theres a lot of good material in books out there that can help people understand whats going on and how to be ready.


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Let's see. Do you have a computer? Check, obviously. Next, do you have internet? Check again. And again, obviously. So, I can only assume that you need a place to start. (When I am using the term "you" in that statement, I am using the generic plural you not the singular specific.) Start with downloading declassified military manuals on things like Counterinsurgency, Psyops, Basic Military Doctrine, The Art of War and others like those. Why? Not because it represents the latest in government military thinking and/or strategy but because it trains you how to think like those who are trying to oppress us. If we are to defeat our oppressors, we need to know how they think. We need to know what they think. We need to have people who can take that information and then turn it against the enemy. The best way to make sure that we have this information available to us is to make sure EVERYONE has it to keep it from being decentralized yet easily accessible when the time comes. Start there. Then, start thinking about how to rebuild after the inevitable. Prepare for those two actions, you won't have time to worry about if the (insert your favorite group to hate here) are trying to take over or destroy or whatever it is you think they are doing. Your hands will be full trying to do what is necessary. When you think you are done, realize you aren't. Do more. Repeat.