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One hundred billion would be MORE than enough to forcibly deport all nonwhites in the fucking country, by the way.

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Shit they could make money doing by selling illegal alien hunting licenses

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I agree I just heard a vacuum.

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dude they buy white stuff. they dont make anything. money come right back.


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Which is why whites are being made poorer every year; of course.

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I'm sure you have a better solution to fix inner city shitholes. Please, do share.

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Why would I need a “better” solution than to get rid of the species that caused all the problems in the first place? How is it possible for there to be a better solution?

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Who fuck cares about niggers? They're not real Americans... why isnmy responsibility to see that dark colored shitskins stop pooping on themselvess?? What a cuck fsggot you are. https://imgoat.com/uploads/6366388177/168637.jpg

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Meanwhile the government wont let me build a house on my land because of (((zoning))). But I have to pay taxes to feed these fucking useless niggers while I HAVE TO LIVE IN A FUCKING SHIPPING CONTAINER WITH A WIFE AND A NEW BABY. But useless niggers get ONE HUNDRED BILLION DOLLARS?!! Idont want money. I want FREEDOM TO ACT. Fuck black communities. They are a plaugue. This money will be wasted.

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Oh you're getting your revenge. 100 billion dollars floods those neighborhoods with the bureaucracy itself in all sorts of disguises. They aren't necessarily born jews, but they all operate with the same methodology, and they all suck the blood of the entire neighborhood. The suicide rates of blacks will go up and no one will know why.

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Zoning regulation and all sort of other regulations would make it illegal for you to live in a shipping container.

This goes for everyone, don't be an idiot, read on the zoning of any property that you intend to buy. And if you buy, build since zoning can be changed from under you.

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Bwa ha ha ha ha!!! You still follow the RULES?! ha ha ha fucking idiot. I have been living off the grid in illegal structures for years now. Don't blast loud music. Don't piss off your neighbors, don't have parties, Don't shit the place up and make it look terrible, etc etc. You can do it for ever. If they ever come out and hastle you just have a plan. Dig a good outhouse hole that is nice and deep. Get some good solar panels and inverter. Get land that is heavily brushed/treed so visibility is nil. Its easy bro. Its tax free and inspection free and bullshit free as well... "Unbuildable" land is WAY cheaper than some legal building lot as well. Sometimes Im glad its illegal. Saves me money.

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This is complete fucking horse shit! No fucking niggers need this money, nor can they do anything constructive with it. STOP WHITE GENOCIDE YOU MOTHERFUCKERS. YOU DESERVE WHAT YOU'RE GOING TO FUCKING GET!


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You're right, it is horse shit. Trump is not investing $100 billion into Black Communities, he's allowing businesses to not pay capital gains tax and hopes to attract as much as $100 billion to these communities.

Whenever an article is as opinionated as the one OP linked is, always double check the information.


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Still complete and utter horse shit. "Let's look at maybe fixing the diversity requirements at a handful of universities with extreme disproportionately Jewish populations. Just kidding, we decided to give tax breaks for companies to virtue signal harder for White genocide under the guise of helping Blacks. And we're not going to dabble in this thing either. $100 BILLION would be a good number...."

It's an open invite for Jews to get their hand wringing on.

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Trump is not investing $100 billion into black communities. The $100 billion number was from this:

White House officials said they hope the program will attract as much as $100 billion to those communities.

They're offering tax incentives to businesses that invest in certain locations. It''s still not a great use of tax incentives, but it's much much different than throwing $100 billion at black communities, as OP's title suggests.


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Well, its all going into a black hole.

That's a pun and a double entendre.

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Hopefully this will involve building a 1000 person slingshot aimed generally toward afrika.

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More free gibs. Fuck you, Trump

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Yet there's no money for the wall??

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