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Yep, and why are we hearing nothing about abuse of power and attempt to curtail free speech by an elected official? Oh yeah, she's a Democrat.

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The communist doesn't understand why she is getting pushback.

After all, she's now a member of the Politburo.

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A single upvoat doesn't suffice, best comment I've seen in awhile.

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The thing that irks me about spics like her is they only see the power side of jobs. They never understand that if you're a manager, your job is to make things run smoothly, not bully your staff, and that if someone doesn't show up you may need to pitch in. At the level of politics, all they understand is strongman societies like the ones they came from. They are not ready for democracy. They don't understand service or that it's noble. They just want to get back at Whitey.

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So your saying "Analogy" that their OS's are programmed wrong at the kernel level.

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Kikes own the #FakeNews

Anti-Media campaign

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Yes. And she should be impeached for it.

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Censured is what happens to hous reps. Same process, different name.

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She directly broke a house ethics law.


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thank you

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She couldn't even make it past the 1st amendment.

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Occasional Cortex is beyond stupid.

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Crazy-eyes Cortez trying to cover it up with glasses lately

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Memes got her dander up now. Keep it up folks, funny is funny.

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Welcome to life in a nigger infested communist shithole.

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