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Thank you Forbes to standing up, at least a little, to the rampant leftism in the media.

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Nope,its kikes playing both sides again:

This post was co-authored with Mark Epstein

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Everything that can be corrupted will be corrupted.

Decentralize all the things!!

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https://files.catbox.moe/z0z29n.png :

FTC Must No Longer Ignore Silicon Valley Bias

'As then FTC Chairman John Liebowitz noted that same year, "we all agree that consumers don’t read privacy policies"The FTC has no rule-making authority, so it cannot impose public utility status or any quasi-First Amendment type regulations on Silicon Valley. '

'The Chairman also likened the Senator Cruz’s suggestion that the agency consider censorship and political bias to the FCC’s long defunct “fairness doctrine.”The FTC Chairman ignored a key distinction between broadcasters and tech companies. '

'Last year, the FCC repealed the rule and transferred jurisdiction to the FTC.In contrast to Simons and Phillips, former acting FTC chairman Maureen Ohlhausen saw a role for the FTC to protect free speech online. '

'And concerns about dominant platforms blocking free speech are well-founded. '

'However, that’s no excuse to turning a blind eye when dominant companies deceptively claim to be open platforms and use their market power to exclude free speech competitors. '

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FTC Chairman (((John Liebowitz)))

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Do you disagree with his point? You think it is okay for a company to say it has a privacy policy, then track and exploit private information because it buried its intent to do so in a place it knew consumers wouldn’t read?

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(((Adam Candeub)))

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To imagine the amount of obfuscation and shuckery that undoubtable would have played itself out in a Clinton presidency is unimaginable. We absolutely would have fallen prey to a Big Brother government and all the current Corp Tech would have lined up to turn our entire working class into communist China.

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The FBI, CIA, police have an SJW NPC woke feminist infestation problem. This is absurd and a waste of tax payer dollars. This is glorified surveillance abuse and abuse of power. LOL FUCK THE FUCKING FBI LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL! The FBI, CIA, police have a real problem. This is not an isolated incident this is a regular frequent incident.

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Read it as "Some of our readers stand to lose a lot of money they invested in twitter and facebook if these companies don't stop fucking up."

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As it should be. Desire for profit and fear of loss are powerful motivators which provide the best overall putcome in a free market. Of course, distortions of the free market signalling make it much more difficult to get the best outcomes.

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The FBI, CIA, police do this a lot to people. They are taking advantage of people by doing this. They are abusing their power and hurting the poor. CNN blackmail 2.0. Fuck the FBI edition. For every one of those fucking FBI and CIA and police that do this i'd like to meme them hard into the ground and humiliate and shame them.

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Check this guy out and what happened to him. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sETDPFyHQsM The FBI Came to My House Over a YOUTUBE JOKE! By The Guitologist