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But 8 years of obongo fixed all that!

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The magic negro nigger rigged it. Now it's fixed.

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Are there any stats on what percent of race stats in cop shootings?
Ie what percent are:

  • black cops on black perps
  • white cops on black perps
  • black cops on white perps
  • white cops on white perps

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And the rest are "white."

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Hispanics are always listed as white in crime reports. Can't have people thinking illegal immigrants are increasing crime.

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The fake MAGA bomber Cesar Altieri Sayoc is listed as 'White' too. The clue is in the name; they know exactly what they are doing.

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Why I said that man

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I've heard a lot of crime in Chicongo is happening because the diversity pets of the spic and negro varieties keep enriching each other, because diversity is strength.

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And "Asians" like Ahmed.

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But remember, white racism is their real problem. Keep voting Democrat.

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Good numbers, but there's always room for improvement. Come on Chitown, let's push it to 100/100.

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That seems low, but I guess Hispanics need to get in on it too.

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Yes, if the figures included spics as "non-Whites", it'd be something like "non-Whites commit 90% of the murders".

It's astounding how figures can be manipulated by something like counting brown hispanics as White people.

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Murder monkeys.

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Article published 2 days ago, but when you try look at Chicago pd data linked in the article its gone.


6 years of annual reports missing. And in the 2017 report, only victim race statistics. No perpetrator race statistics and the victim stats support the article.

In a few days the edited versions of those 6 annual reports will be back and will have perpetrator statistics removed.

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I wonder if the stats are for the abysmal 15% murder clearance rate that they have, or the greater number of murders unsolved.

There's a great site that tracks this stuff and sites the sources: https://heyjackass.com/

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Crime is Racist !!!

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