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The jews control the banks and the federal reserve so technically he's not wrong.

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But those are against a free Western civilization.

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You're missing the play on words.

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Fake Jews, but yeah. I agree with te sentiment. 1/3 of Israel is in poverty, and they have killed plenty of Sephardi Jews from the Levant and Yemen. The money we give is in the form of military vouchers. Just saying.

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"Fake Jews".

Soon, you too will learn.

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nice, and true.

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Funny. Jews cant live outside of white societies unless they get welfare just like niggers and hispanics. Jews are vampire parasites.

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The majority of PEOPLE are vampire parasites.

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It's funny... He could. Mean this literally... As in he is saying "Jewish bankers own your civilization through their tools of debt-slavery..." As opposed to the way most people take it is "We should give them free money to pay for our guilt.".

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Jewish bankers own your civilization through their tools of debt-slavery

THAT is exactly what he's saying.

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Don't kid yourselves folks, Trump is a jew.

(real estate tycoon in JYC, his kids married jews, one converted to judaism). Oh and if that's not enough :

PDF Warning


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Happy Hanukah

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Well, he is not wrong. Lol.

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I'll take "Things Trump will never say about the Irish, British, French, Germans, or Italians" for 500. You know, the people that actually BUILT this country.

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