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He didn't win. This is being for e fed to people to make it normal. Next step is normalizing trans kids which will lead to pedophilia.

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It was in thailand, i'm sure every single other contestant was a man too.

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Yep. Social engineering 101.

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He eats the highest leaves

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It's fucking hilarious, when you think about it. Women have gone to such a crazy place that they are willing to let men displace them in sporting events and beauty pagents, not to mention in the bedroom. How can women hate their own womanhood so much, that they let men take it over?

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Makes sense.

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Haha. I hope men dominate all female sports as well as these leftist contests. It's what the dumb cunts want.

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How gay is that.

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In Thailand. Lol are we sure the competition are women?

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Where it's happening and this contestant brought this little song of the past to mind. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mnqj31VPNoE

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