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50 illegals but at what cost to taxpayers? I’m glad they got busted, but the real solution is to fine and imprison the employers who hire them, and hang the politicians who aid them with citizens’ money.

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If someone is hiring illegals ANY PATRIOT should be able to file a claim on their property.

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Oh good, just 30000000 more to go!

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Closer to 60,000,000.

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Not even worth getting out of bed for those numbers. How about this, dont arrest the illegals. Instead arrest the people who hired them. Arrest the business owners, confiscate the businesses and assets. Make the hiring of illegals impossible. Simply give the illegals no place to go. Remove their income, end the gibs, give them absolutely ZERO reason to come here.
I would love to see the day that there are no more fucking beaners on the jobsite.

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All we have to do is BAN THE GIBS for citizens and noncitizens alike.

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