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Virtue signalling at this point. These fools should have done it the first week trump was in office and tied it to other mexican outlays we already grant them.

[–] Pwning4Ever 2 points 9 points (+11|-2) ago 

Mctumor had too much punch , I was surprised by how much he had the entire gop by the balls. Ryan and flake are also gone.

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Things kinda lagged there for about a year. But I don't think the Senate getting a slightly larger Republican majority and ousting never Trumper RINOs and Trump dismissing Sessions at the same time is a coincidence. People seem to overestimate presidential power, he could EO everything, sure; but he criticized Obama for doing that, and it's also not a permanent solution.

[–] SIayfire122 1 points 2 points (+3|-1) ago  (edited ago)

Not the first week. Things were too hot then. It would have been better if they did it around the 6-12 month mark. Everything Trump did his first couple months, and especially the first week, was challenged by every democrat and activist judge.

Edit: To the jackass that downvoted me, be realistic. I would have loved to see the borders shut down on day one, and the wall funded on day 2, but that just would have been a pain in the ass for everyone involved if it even succeeded. You have to let the left play their hand and waste their cards on nominal crap before you pull anything large.

They should have had funding for wall prototypes early 2017 with the full funding later in the year once the final prototype was established.

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While I agree, I doubt the progressives on the right would have passed any wall deal. Conservatives did not control the house and senate; republicans did.

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Any democrat running for midterms NOT voting for the wall WOULD HAVE BEEN not re-elected. That wall could have passed. It still can be built using US Army corps of engineers without a vote.

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Just in time for it to get nowhere before democrats take control next year and kill any chances of this actually going anywhere.

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Yup. Get used to seeing this for the next two years. "Gee guys, we're reaaally trying to get the wall built but, gosh diddly darn it, wouldn't you know? It's those nasty democrats in the house blocking. TOO BAD WE DIDN'T CONTROL EVERY BRANCH OF GOVERNMENT FOR TWO YEARS OR ANYTHING."

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Vote for us again and we'll try to get you that wall

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Exactly, pass Obamacare repeal another 30 times you worthless GOP kike run pieces of shit

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Where were these assholes when we controlled both houses? They are posturing. It makes me sick.

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Nothing was going to happen with Koch whore Paul Ryan as House Speaker

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Only took them 2 years to get around to this, slow ass fuckers. If this was a bill to do something stupid it would have been asked for in a couple of month of Trumps taking the white house. It probably won't make it out of the house before the new congressmen are sworn in so they can blame it on the democrats. I believe we are seeing the start of shenanigans federal style.

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Just take it out of Israel's $40 billion, or whatever amount we send to the UN.

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better yet - take that $38 billion and build a wall to keep the Jews out of the USA! Happy Hanukkah!

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That wall would be ineffective with the current make up of the judicial and legislative branches.

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Cut off benefits for illegals, fine companies that hirer or subcontract to illegals and we won't need a wall. There would be nothing for them here unless they immigrated legally. I think the drug gangs already use tunnels but we have ground penetrating radar so we could find those. Either way I would support the building of a wall too.

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We all know this Wall Act is Bull crap. Just like we know the newly elected majority house leader is full of the same Bull Crap. There is such a high mountain of bull crap and all other types of crap coming from the GOP in Congress that it is mountainous and stinking. American elected officials sit comfortably watching the Gilet Juanes in France thinking that they can keep doing their bullshit and nothing will ever happen to change over 75 years of steeling taxpayers funds to advance their globalist agenda. Well, Macron certainly thought the same way. Seeing what the Yellow Jackets can do in France, it says something about the hubris of the American ruling class that they ignore that the American public actually have guns ( even though congress is doing its utmost to change that).

I guess just like Obama, Clinton, Lynch Comey, Brennon, Clapper and all the rest of them think they are getting away with their crimes, so too do the elected officials, even the ones who are retiring. The French yellow vest revolution ( another one for the history books) quickly rose up when THE LAST STRAW tipped the scales. That's the thing about last straws when you keep messing with the populace. You SOB's pass a two-week stop gap bill and ignore the serious challenge to national security and the safety of citizens. But there is always a last straw.

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If they can't get a wall funding bill passed then they should just start a Go Fund Me to build the wall. I would donate more than a years tax payments to that cause and I have no doubt that many other patriots would too. Would you donate a bit to it? Say $100.00 bucks?

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