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Nope, not a mental disorder at all.

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If only the family dog accepted the transition.

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Now the taxpayers of Maine will be paying to house, clothe, feed and provide medical treatment for this subhuman monster for the next 40 years.

Tell me again why there is no death penalty?

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Sure it is. (((Newsweek))) refers to him as her so he's a she.

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He killed the family dog? What a monster!

[–] FrozenFire74 1 points 5 points (+6|-1) ago 

Now he needs to die, painfully. A triggered trany can be blamed on parents that allowed that conditioning to occur. A human that can justify killing a dog needs to be mutilated physically and emotionally, however.

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Yeah. What the fuck? Did the dog not say enough supportive things during his transition, or something? He's just a sicko who likes killing things. Put him in a men's prison, where he belongs. I'm sure the other inmates can help him with his dilation routine.

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Well...in prison he'll definitely be female.

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Looks like he's got some nice tits and a fat ass to slap.

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Until they put him in a women's prison where he'll rape and murder to his heart's content.

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Man* kills parents

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Pefectly normal goy, completely sane, stunning and brave.

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that's a man, baby!

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poor dog

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