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I would buy massive amounts of gifts there every year. I would usually spend over a grand just on that store alone for xmas. I know it's not a big loss for them, but I have never entered one of their stores again after their anti gun bullshit.

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You, me, plus 1000’s of others. We have as a group hurt them.

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Same, Dicks is the closest big box store. I now drive out of my way to go to Bass Pro or Academy.

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Another sporting goods store will rent the buildings and sell guns, their virtue signaling will do nothing but lose money for investors.

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They dont care about money tho... its the narrative

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Fuck them. I will not be threatened and bullied. Now, I will never spend another nickel with them, ever. Period. I'm done.

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Liberal puke. What the fuck did you think was going to happen. Looks like you showed the Yeti cooler people the smart way to do business. The only ones stupider than you is them.

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Ever wonder if they're forced to do these things so (((someone))) can buy up their stocks when they crash?

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It is that or wall street would tank their stock anyway, and then buy them piecemeal for far less.

Wouldn't be surprised if the CEO has a golden parachute for his butchery.

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Same old game.

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What did Yeti coolers get up to? Another one for the boycott list?

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What did yeti do?

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Me thinks they done shot their whole foot off, not just a toe.

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Might as well close their "Sports" and "Goods" section while they're at it

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These CEO’s go against the founding fathers and Constitution of this nation, and then wonder why they start loosing customers. They deserve all the negative consistencies of their tyrannical actions in trying to deny the American Citizen his or her Constitutional rights. Simple. Don’t tread on US!

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