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Good. I hope it's miserable enough that they commit mass suicide.

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We need to send China more.

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The Chinese know what they're doing. They're an excellent example of a fascist nation. They're great.

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I hope the west sends observers, so we can learn from the Chinese version how to implement these ourselves most effectively.

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Get this into your head, the West that is Britbong, the USA and Frogistan has often been allied with the jihadists, they don't want to stop islamists only contian them and they have been ally to mohammedans and islamic terrorists for some time, probably since the death of Kennedy and taking the US Dollar off the Gold Standard. The admin covered up 28 pages on 911, there was the alliance with islamists terrorists against Soviets, the USSR and Buddhists in asscrackistan, also the Iran contra affair run drug money and weapons sales from S.America into Iran ,,,, even now weapons of NATO allies end up in hands of jihadis in places like Syria etc

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Only 1.12 billion to go

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Proving once again the Chinese are a smart people.

Now we just need them to wipe out the Jews.

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based and red pilled

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Is this needing crowd funding? I will donate even to China if they lock up the Death Cult.

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The only thing the bugmen are doing wrong is not killing them. Just like Hitler.

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They are. You'll never see it. No bodies, no witnesses, no records, no press= no problem. The CCP disappears citizens with near impunity since Mao. Tens of millions dead and no way to prove they ever existed. You'd think high profile people would be immune but even the head of interpol got disappeared recently.

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You'd think high profile people would be immune but even the head of interpol got disappeared recently.

Helps prevent regulatory capture, if you're infiltrators keep dying.

No one but the top guy is immune, and maybe not even him.

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They need to learn the lessons of the US about the danger of keeping undesirables around for free labor.

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That is a complete waste of resources. Use them to test prototype nuclear radiation proof suits for cleaning up Fukushima. Also, adrenochrome.

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Fukushima is Japan's problem, not Chinas.

Adrenochrome is mostly harvested from children, adults aren't an ideal source

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They have their own citizens for that.

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I guess we're supposed to feel sorry for them? Fuck them I don't. If the demographics were reversed the headline would read "Muslims behead 800k Chinese infidels".

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